the problem with the patriarchy is it doesn’t know it exists

"The Patriarchy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Patriarchy” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

The first step to correction is to recognize you are incorrect and admit it.

Many men in power fail to discern that their privilege is the result of a male-dominated ideology rather than by equal opportunity and fairness. They will never level the playing field because everything works to their advantage as it is. They think they’ve earned it and expect women to earn it.

But the game was always fixed. Still is!

My friend Stephanie Drury met the patriarchy in this storify thread that exposes its blind presumption.

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14 Replies to “the problem with the patriarchy is it doesn’t know it exists”

  1. Privilege rarely understands privilege without extreme effort. While I would say that some patriarchy definitely does know it exists and revels in it, the type you depict in the cartoon reflects the height of ignorance and idiocy. When it comes to patriarchy in the church, I consider it a false doctrine that runs amok over the people of God – men and women both.

  2. Tim: I greatly enjoyed your link. Thank you for all the scriptures.

    I found “Biblical Patriarchy” in Wikipedia… and it was interesting to read.

    Given that I regard the Book of Galatians as the high point of Biblical theology, I offer that we should let the ‘mentor of the Law’ go, and allow the church to experience a bit of heaven on earth – where a slave can be a spiritual elder over a freeman, where a Greek can teach a Jew, and where a woman can pastor and counsel a man.

    Patriarchy exists… but as part of the Law.

  3. No one wants to believe that they have ever had advantages that have opened doors for them, but they sure as hell enjoy those advantages, and many do so without regard to those who were not so lucky.

  4. This made me guffaw – then I realized I am only in a position to do that because of my own white-male privilege and it made me kind of sad.

    Great job, David

  5. the problem with arguing theology with men is that women don’t exist in the intellectual universe and neither does god, because he is a figment of imagination, a fictitious Father-Figure character, vested with power by men for men’s sake. In an individual this investment of power and authority in a figment of imagination would be called mental illness, in a collective patriarchy it’s called ‘religion’. So you have a non-conversation with men who have set the terms of reference and move the goal posts whenever they want to to suit their own ideological bent of a totally internalised patriarchy. Just looking at the tweet thread that links off from this article is a case in point. The very best thing women everywhere could do would be to leave the churches, synagogues and mosques and claim atheism. We would then be free of their dogma, power-over politics and be arguing in a level playing field.

  6. Maybe it’s why some Christian men like to dress up as Santa Claus at
    Christmas (even though they don’t celebrate it lol!)

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