I provide help on 3 different levels::

  1. FOR A FEW: This is the highest level of interaction with me. This is one-on-one, and these meetings are powerful because our relationship is. I only take a few people on at this level because of the intensity of it and because of its effectiveness. I’ve worked with many people, all of whom are grateful for life-changing conversations. If you’re interested in this, read more below, as well as the testimonials I have there! If you’re already interested, book a phone call with me to see if we’re a good fit: EMAIL ME! You can read more about my coaching, with testimonials, etc., HERE. OR continue reading below under One-on-One!
  2. FOR SOME: I have an online community called The Lasting Supper. There are a few hundred members there. They pay a small monthly subscription fee of $15/month or $150/year. Believe me, it’s so worth it! I write letters for members only every week. We have members-only podcasts, interviews, and videos. But what is most beneficial about this group is we have a private Facebook group where we have tons of vibrant, respectful, fun and serious interaction every day. There’s no shortage of access to the other incredible members. Many of them become great friends. I’m very active in that group as well. PLUS… we have a video hangout online at least once a month where we talk about anything that comes up. I personally welcome you to this amazing community. Check it out HERE.
  3. FOR EVERYONE: This is free access to what I do, that is my art, cartoons and writing that I do every day. I’m all over social media. You can get my daily emails. I have several books out. There are many videos and interviews. If you want to know what I think and want my help on everything from creativity to freedom to spirituality to relationships, there’s tons of free material out there. Google “nakedpastor” and you’ll find no end to what I provide for everyone for free.



I have the privilege of coaching people from all over the world in all kinds of areas:

  • I will help you get unstuck spiritually
  • I will help you through the process of the deconstruction of beliefs and loss of faith
  • I will help you with your love life, like when you’re drifting away from shared beliefs
  • I will help you with creativity… I can teach you how to turn your passion into profit!

If you feel trapped in your beliefs, a bad relationship, a lousy job, or any other kind of situation that is restricting your life and impeding your personal development… talk with me! I will help you.

I’m opening up more time to help more people.

I can help you work through your FEAR, GUILT, SHAME and CONFUSION… things that are holding you back from living in peace, happiness, freedom and fulfillment.

Listen to one of my past clients:

“David Hayward is a profound thinker with a truly open heart. He is one of those rare individuals who is wide enough in his own soul to allow and enable unique journeys to spiritual freedom without judging or needing to impose his own beliefs. Through mentoring with David I received genuine support, guidance and a safe, healing space to explore my own transition. I highly recommend working with David as your Spiritual Freedom Coach as you write your own story.” (Gio)

You CAN feel healthy and free!

You’ll get direct access to me for guidance, a safe space, and support. I have years of experience as a coach. I have one of the top spiritual blogs in the world that addresses the issue of freedom. Plus, I moderate an online community called The Lasting Supper where the members discuss and process their own unique journeys.


Here’s another client’s testimonial:

“I found David on his blog many years ago. I had been out of church for about a year and was really in a dark place. I had so many questions with no one to talk them through with and paralyzed by fear of deception. I’m not exaggerating to say I don’t know how I would have made it without that first meeting and then the several that followed. He listened without judgment and held a safe place for me to work through my questions, anger, and fears. His insight, words of wisdom and encouragement were instrumental in the freedom and peace I find myself in today.” (Rhonda)

Let me help you!

Why not book a session today so that you can talk with me about your authenticity and freedom?


Here’s how it works! We will…

  1. Begin with a “clarity call”… a FREE conversation to see if it’s right for you. EMAIL ME to book your session.
  2. Use phone or Skype or Zoom unless we can meet face to face.

Let me know when you are interested!

Another client:

“David is an enlightened, educated friend who completely lacked the ability to judge me when I was in the throes of judging myself the harshest. As I let go of 3 decades of belief, reinforced by family, culture, and my own self talk, David never told me what to believe. He was a guide who assured me there was a good, happy life on the other side of whatever choice I made about my beliefs and that I would continue to be a decent and loving person regardless. Everyone in this kind of turmoil needs a trusted listener and a guide like I found in David.” (Jeff)

EMAIL ME to book your call.

Let’s get started!


“David has FINALLY launched his one-on-one coaching business. He’s helped me deepen my writing and my faith. He works with people who want more freedom, whether that means finding a way to participate in Church in a less rigid, healthier way, or finding a different path (including Atheism, Agnosticism, SBNR-ism). If you’re looking for guidance, especially if you come from an oppressive background, I recommend him.” (Christine)

“Woo hoo! It’s about time. You are uniquely qualified and skilled to help faith shifters and church leavers, and all kinds of spiritual pioneers!” (Phyllis)


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