Are You a Deconstructing Wife of a Ministry Husband?

DECONSTRUCTING WIVES OF MINISTRY HUSBANDS Deconstruction is the change of beliefs, the loss of faith, leaving the church, or all three. It’s one thing when a couple goes through deconstruction. It’s another when one goes through deconstruction before or instead of the other. It’s still another when the wife of…

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How’s the Elasticity of Your Relationship?

HOW’S THE ELASTICITY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP? A coaching client and I were discussing her marriage. She’s changing and it’s stretching their relationship because he wants things to stay the same. She’s feeling guilty. I explained why she doesn’t need to feel this way. Imagine an elastic between you and your…

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"The Same Page" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

When You and Your Spouse Find Yourselves on Different Spiritual Pages

OWN THIS CARTOON I see it happening all the time. And it makes me sad. I’ve had so many couple friends split up because of the deconstruction of their beliefs… of one or both of them. You already know my story. Lisa and I almost didn’t make it. It took…

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