new Jesus drawing: “Let Them Eat Cake”

"Let Them Eat Cake" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Let Them Eat Cake” drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward

You’ve no doubt heard of the controversy around gay cake.

So it inspired me to draw this image of Jesus not only eating gay cake but offering it, freely, to others.

I hope you enjoy it.

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29 Replies to “new Jesus drawing: “Let Them Eat Cake””

  1. Excellent drawing.

    Again, David, like the Church or Pastor info, some of us are not as news savvy as you. So links would be nice and save me time. πŸ˜‰
    I had to look.

    So let me share my findings: Were you talking about:

    (1) Oregon (the crowd sourcing issue with the Bakery)


    (2) Belfast ( another bakery, but more recent)

  2. And of course you remember the Rhode Island Christian Flower Shop refusing to send flowers to an Atheist.

    Christians are so loving — so much like the ideal story Jesus (sarcasm).

    There were three religion-free people staff in our clinic yesterday (of 12 folks), and we got to listen to many of the good Christian folks bash Caitlyn Jenner yesterday — slapping each other on the back.

    Only I spoke out — but I guess they expected that.

  3. The Ashers case (Belfast) is n interesting one with different views about it being expressed within Christianity.

    I doubt if many outside of Christianity would disagree with the court ruling in the case. However, some commentators have suggested that Gareth Lee who brought the case against the Ashers is a member of a secular activist group. If this is true, then it is reasonable to question whether this was about equality and justice or about discriminating against the Ashes because of what they hold to about Christianity.

    Of course with the referendum about SSM in N. Ireland this would make it politically topical. Perhaps you can mention David if this was an influence towards your cartoon, that we may be wisely informed and educated?

    I am led to believe that the Ashers now restrict what they will put on cakes to birthdays and the like in the interest of equality, justice, freedom of faith and freedom from faith.

  4. Sabio: thank you for speaking out against the bashing. I am glad we have brave people like you that can gently confront and educate.

    The wisdom from heaven is described this way by the author of James, “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy …” .

    I use to be shocked that many Christians have no wisdom from heaven, but regularly get their insights from another source.

    Now I realize that the ‘wisdom from heaven’ requires too much for the Christian community: they must present their disagreement in a peace-pursuing manner – it is easier to make war.

    They must present their opinion of Bible scriptures in a gentle manner – it is easier to loudly confront.

    They must show reasoned thoughts – a rationale – to a world that believes the bible is just an ancient document – it is easier to quote a strange scripture than to show reasoned evidences.

    They must give much mercy and many mercies in order to be ‘full of mercy’ – but it is easier to offer only one single ‘mercy’, which is normally to ‘repent and become like us, for we are like god.’

    I have so given up on church institutional Christianity. They have, by and large, no wisdom from heaven.

    At all.

  5. David: I love the cartoon, by the way! The icing on the lips of Jesus is perfect!

    YES! Jesus does find sweetness in all of mankind!

    Love it!

  6. “Christians are so loving — so much like the ideal story Jesus (sarcasm)… many of the good Christian folks bash Caitlyn Jenner… Only I spoke out” Sabio
    “Thanks Sabio for speaking out” David

    “Sabio…I am glad we have brave people like you that can gently confront and educate…Many Christians have no wisdom from heaven… wisdom from heaven’ requires too much for the Christian community…They have, by and large, no wisdom from heaven. At all.” Caryn
    “Thanks Caryn for your kind and gentle words.” David

    So the combined perceived kindness and wisdom is that Christians are not loving, and that wisdom from heaven requires too much from the Christian community. This seen as being gentle, speaking out as thanked for and affirmed by David.

    I find that interesting.

    I find that surprising as well David given the advice you gave in your video as the Christian University to not apologise for being Christian. Also with what you expressed at the time “I am unaplogetically a Christian and I let people know that”, about being Christian in your DNA, and Jung him being critical of those that try to divorce themselves from their past that can lead to a psychotic break – that you “really do believe that”. Then you talked about a new paradigm that you were trying to develop, to you it meaning being very broad, opening, inclusive and generous.

    I hope we can all agree in principle that discrimination, marginalisation, oppression in practice, attitudes or any form is not OK and requiring of equal attention and justice wherever it comes from.

  7. Very simply, just as I mentioned, I find the conversation interesting and the way you have engaged with it surprising for reasons given.

    As you don’t understand from the explanation I have given then me explaining further is probably not going to result in it being achieved. Therefore it’s not likely to be a profitable use of my time to explain further.

  8. Interesting that you perceive me to have an issue, just as you did previously with what I was vulnerable about with sharing.

  9. Ducati: I cannot follow your rationale, as well.

    However, that is ok, unless you wish a response or dialog.

    But, I certainly agree that I find David Hayward to be interesting. And his cartoons help me to understand the deeper intent of the Bible – to love God and mankind – in a new, more visual way.

  10. Caryn – that’s fine that you can’t follow my dialogue, it’s OK that David doesn’t understand as well. As I have mentioned, me explaining hasn’t resulted in David understanding and me explaining further (or clarifying as David put it) is probably not going to result in David understanding and therefore not likely to be a profitable use of my time.

    I’m glad you find David Hayward to be interesting. It is interesting how he has perceived me to have an issue and to be impossible in this conversation. Of course he will realise that by the same standard that the mentioned that when I was vulnerable in sharing recently about how I was feeling when receiving prayer was my issue, that his perceptions are his issue.

    Yes, there is some truth in what you say, his cartoons can help understand the deeper intent of the Bible, the two most important commandments you are alluding to that Jesus spoke of with loving God and loving your neighbour as yourself. So, you’s probably heard the tongue – in cheek comment about the bible being about these two things – the rest being commentary :). One of this things being that we love because God loved first.

    Again, in the video David shred beautifully about the dream he had of the waterfall and the metaphor of Father being the river Jesus the waterfall and the Spirit being the lake and being at peace.

    David also shared beautifully:

    Nakedpastor David Hayward
    May 28, 2015 at 7:34 am
    I do believe that our “gods” are our external projections of an ideal, our attempt to understand the mystery in symbolic ways. Let’s say there is a God… then our ideas or words are not that. This God would be above and beyond all these. No matter how glorious our personal thoughts or experiences are, these are not the Truth.

    So if there is a God (I’m guessing from what you say you are comfortable with the idea of God) then God is above our ideas and words then not matter how glorious our thoughts these are not the Truth is what David posits.

    So, then if what he proposes, is accurate then there is a mystery beyond our words and thoughts that cannot be fathomable if God exists. Therefore there are things we will not understand, that we have no knowing of – and that is OK, if God exists and we are secure in God’ love. Then that frees us up to have the wisdom form heaven that you quote from James as being peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy just as David has talked of a very broad, opening, inclusive and generous paradigm.

    Of course with awareness of what the bible talks of, you are probably know that such wisdom is described as foolishness in the eyes of some. So it it to be expected to be mocked and treated with contempt for espousing it.

    By the way I agree that there is an element of truth in what you say about such wisdom, love lacking in Christian culture. A few years ago I was done and I found myself to be met by Jesus through mindfulness meditation and 6 sessions of compassion therapy that afforded me compassion and a settling of the mind that I wasn’t getting institutionally.

    I find meditation, and compassion for self to be conducive to what you talk of with loving God and mankind – sometimes in mysterious, unfathomable and transcendent ways, encountering the power to open up men and women to each other and God in love peace justice and human dignity.

    It’s beautiful.

  11. Hey David,

    Couple of questions for you (I think I know the answers, but they may help some folks):

    (1) Has your opinion about “God” changed radically from 10 years ago?

    (2) Has your opinion about “God” changed somewhat over the last 2 years?

    (3) With these changes, has aversion to labels also occurred?

    (4) Two years ago, would you have been a little more invested in preserving the label of “Christian” than you are now?

    (5) Do you keep finding people who try to nail you for inconsistency, nail you down to a label and nail you down for changing all the time? [the word “nail” being intentional – cartoon material? πŸ˜‰ ]

    Maybe these answers will help some readers to lighten up — though I am not hopeful. For many folks love their pathology.

  12. That’s a couple of things we can agree on in principle Sabio, some nailing down could do with lightening up and there are those who love their pathology.

  13. Thanks David, your answers help with my having been surprised about your comment here, after watching your video.

    It also makes it clear to me why you had the perception that I had an “issue ” above.

    So I hear you had a “somewhat ” different opinion about God in the video than the one you hold now, with this change has come an aversion to “labels ” and previously that you had more invested in the “label” Christian.

    Therefore the interest of you not being caused any unintended offence by any so called “Christian” could I suggest doing something on your site that is indicative of where you stand now given that it is different to the video?

    Perhaps a description of the paradigm you have described at arriving at as “Hawardism ” or “The United Nations of Spirituality ” with something about Sophia too?

    I hope our conversations will engender greater understanding in the future.


  14. No I don’t see the point in doing that. Some people call me Christian. Some people call me Heretic. Some people call me Atheist. Some people call me nasty names. I find myself mostly conversing within the Christian camp. They are, or feel like, my people… my family of origin. That’s conveyed in the video. That hasn’t changed. I suggest you wanting me to do that is for your own comfort rather than mine.

  15. Ok no problem, it was just a suggestion. I respect you freedom choosing to do what you want with your blog.

    Actuality it was with the intention of your comfort that I made it, as explained, you did seem to be getting a little upset above. However I don’t expect me explaining that will lead to a better understanding for you.

    As you mentioned recently, we all have prejudices.

  16. However you having said that the “Christian camp” are or feel like your people has left me surprised again with either the support for comments or saying nothing about how so called “Christians” have been described.

    I guess that would leave me with not understanding that. I am Ok with that as I am with not having been understood by you.

  17. Well David, that pressure you feel to say is your issue by the standard you espouse for what I have been vulnerable about experiencing being my “issue “.

    So I guess by that standard we both have had or do have “issues “, and that’s OK. We all have them.

  18. Wow, Ducatihero — you are relentless and fatiguing. Congratulations on the consistency.
    BTW, you must have your own website where you can demonstrate what a wonderful job you do at blogging. Maybe David could read your blog and get some pointers. And I am sure you have tons of commentors too who love engaging you.

  19. “Relentless and fatiguing… Congratulations… wonderful job…get some pointers…tons of commentators too who love engaging you”.

    That’s quite a list there Sabio, so consistency huh? Well clearly, you are consistent with your sarcasm so consistency can’t be a bad thing otherwise you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

    As for “relentless and fatiguing” that is your opinion. Facts must be established by truth not opinion. Anyone could just as easily say that your sarcasm is relentless and fatiguing and it is ironic that this is what you accuse me of. It would by just as valid as what you propose if they did.

    By the same standard applied elsewhere, any fatigue or tiredness you are experiencing is your issue, not mine.

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