9 Replies to “Jesus Likes the Sweater”

  1. Not if it’s promoting LGBTQ…RSTUVWXYZ. Among many other misappropriations, the sons and daughters of Sodom and Gomorrah have co-opted the rainbow, its colors, and the word “gay”. I don’t think it’s Joseph’s coat of many colors either. And neither does Jesus.

  2. By falsely and rashly accusing me of hatred, you misjudge me, and judge yourself. “…they…speaking evil of you…shall give account to Him…”

  3. It’s no laughing matter. Wait for the next letter(s) to be added to their abbreviation and society’s acceptance of the perversions it denotes. Why do you approve of such things?

  4. Has the subtilty of the serpent infected your mind with his poison? I didn’t ask if you approved of them. I asked why you accept and approve of their lifestyle – their deeds and works of the flesh – and presume Jesus does too. We are in the world, not of it.

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