If Jesus Had Been a Woman

"Jesus as a Woman" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Jesus as a Woman” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward



He says it and then he gets pats on the back.
He does it and not even a single eye bats.
She says it and then she is told to shut up.
She does it and then she is called a slut.

He tells a joke and promoted he gets.
He crosses lines and is rewarded I bet.
She tells a joke and they crucify her.
She crosses lines and they end her career.

A double standard certainly thrives.
Dividing up sexes and heirarching lives.
Men get free passes and climb up the stairs.
While women get paid less but pay more for rewards.

Unless you’re like those who just told the truth.
And others in history who wouldn’t stay mute.
When you speak truth to power… silenced you’ll get.
But women much sooner. Not seen differently yet.

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21 Replies to “If Jesus Had Been a Woman”

  1. Ok so the cartoon would be consistent with the idea of “the patriarchy” and the bible written in a patriarchal society being sexist, and the culture being sexist and that being true today.

    So the way to deal with that to complain and push back against sexism.

    But to do such is to assume the archetype of the male senile tyrant is prevalent and ignore the other archetype of the benevolent father.

    It also is to have either a conscious or unconscious halo effect with regard to the feminine and ignore the female shadow. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but women abuse too.

    When Matt Damon suggested there is a difference between a pat on the but and sexual assault or child molestation he wasn’t trivialising any of these but implying that there are proportionate responses to any offence committed.

    When Minnie Driver responded with saying there was no hierarchy and all was wrong she was implying that Matt Damon was making out a pat on the but to be okay when he wasn’t, inaccurate in making out there not to be differences in severity of offences and reacting as if a victim to an oppressor.

    With the 20,000 signatures complaining about Mat Damon and saying he shouldn’t have a part in the forthcoming Ocean’s 8, and his response to say he will close his mouth, probably out of not wanting to lose his part and not out of thinking he said any wrong, it’s a bit of a stretch to say “men get free passes” in this instance.

    #metoo has the potential to do a lot of good but if it doesn’t channel it’s rage in creative ways and control its excesses it’s likely that it will be off track when it comes to truth and justice.

    Again David, I am ready for you if you are fixing to make any personal comment and prepared to be tough and push back.

  2. Haha thank you David.

    You know nothing about how I feel when the issue of sexism towards women is brought up or what I feel about fairness to men.

    Only recently a woman who is a teacher has said that I have made a good critique of a feminist interpretation of scripture and that she longs to be critiqued and more not that she not be critiqued because she is a woman. gain the message I am getting from women is very different to the one you are giving out.

    So who is it that can’t stand what and who is exhibiting sexism David? Can you stand a critique of feminist theology? When a woman says they long to be critiqued would you deny her that?

    Women who identify as feminist are what 20% in the US and 7% in the UK? Women who are in favour of equality are leaving feminism in their droves because it frequently says one thing and does another. Many women do not think as you do. Feminism has got a PR problem.

    A good theological approach is open to being challenged and can challenge other theologies. Any theological approach that gets defensive when challenged ceases to be valid. Same goes for any ideology.

    I’m sorry that you don’t seem to get this, because if you did I could watch while you have influence, rather than show attachment to an ideology which for many women has become passé and gone off track from its original intentions.

  3. You’re a sexist who can’t handle women being given attention. Yes, there are some women who abuse. But the overwhelming historical narrative is sexist against women and you get all sad when this is pointed out. You want the light to again shine on men and how they are victims too.

    Every time I post as an ally of women, you do this. Every. Time. I call this trolling. And I will block you for it.

  4. Haha you crack me up David. It’s like watching someone on the verge of a breakdown.

    This isn’t working for you. Many women and probably the majority of women are abandoning the kind of approach you take, for precisely the kind of reason as you display with its nastiness.

    Many women like themselves and like men. And many now see differently to you.

    Kinda sad that you are not open to that. I predict a fall for you.

    I don’t have any animosity to you in the slightest and whatever you say about me, I wish you well David.

    You should be glad about that. It’s an achievement in spiritual independence for me to be able to say that, in which you have had influence.

    You taught me well 🙂

  5. Oh block away if that is what you want but in doing so, you will have proved the point made. Given the nastiness, you thinking of me as trolling is something I know to be a sign that I am doing something right.

    It’s your blog, do what you like.

  6. Haha what happened to the block David?

    Whatever dude. Think what you like.

    I wish you well whether you follow through with saying you will block or not.

    I guess if you do you’ll just have to find someone else to vent your frustration at for many women leaving feminism and not thinking as you do.

    With regard to the need for help maybe a look in the mirror might benefit you.

    Just a suggestion 😉

  7. David, why are you feeding this troll? Let’s instead turn to a discussion of whether Jesus will take a female form at the second coming.

  8. Jack, It’s clear whose point would be made if you were blocked, and it’s certainly not yours.
    Your language to the OP about this entire issue sets you way back, and you don’t even realize it. The fact you don’t see yourself is the worst part about this exchange.

    All of this condescension disguised as heartiness is outplayed and transparent. If you actually were good-natured on this issue, you wouldn’t have to try so hard.

  9. A female form of Jesus would be an interesting discussion. The Hebrew has a female description of the Holy Spirit as “reach” like a might wind. And of course wisdom is described as female. Not to forget the courage shown by Esther in the OT or Deborah being Israels leader. And women being described as Paul’s coworkers in the NT which may imply leadership or teaching roles.

    Richard, sorry, I disagree. I don’t buy the narrative and I think it detrimental to women to be portrayed as victims in that. I think equality requires that we treat women in principle as on the same level in the spirit of ” coworkers ” and in that sense I perceive it as an elevation of status from that of victimhood.

    Again, I think the #metoo movement has the potential for example to achieve great things if it can channel its rage creativity and control its excesses. Otherwise in the long term it may do more harm than good, I suggest.

  10. Jack, do you care to address the one female who has posted here, or are you going to ignore me?

  11. Did you pay this Jack Russell or is he literally that out of touch with most of humanity and reality.

    I know you paid him for this David. This couldn’t be a man who could actually have that time of opinion. This is like satire. IT has to be or he is the biggest douche in need of a good female placement someday and if I am up to it. It may just be today. Na.. not worth my time. Bigger more powerful men to fry with that type of ideology. Oh go screw your own drive Jack Russell.

  12. I addressed the point you made Belinda, sorry if not using your name made you feel ignored.

    What would you like to discuss with regard to the feminine and the divine in power?

  13. Thank you Esta not quite sure what screwing your own drive entails or if that is a euphemism. Maybe Google has the answer.

    And of course some of what I said was satire towards David. Still not been blocked as he said he would.

    I wonder why. You would think if everything being said about me was true, it would be the right thing to do wouldn’t it?

    Like I say I don’t mind either way. I just wish David would hurry up an block me if he is going to do it.

  14. Jack Russell, an annoying, yappy, little dog. Hahaha. And you chose the name yourself! Hahahahahahah

  15. Thanks Rhonda, how charming of you.

    I have my uses.

    Do you have any more compliments to gracefully bestow or is that you done now?


  16. Jack Russell,

    Why should David have to block you now? We got lot’s of females here. We don’t care what you say. It’s cool with us, so David probably no longer has a need to block you but give us the opportunity to actually engage with you. Though, I”m not interested. Belinda and Rhonda and many others if we need can handle it way better than I can.

    Enjoy the discussion since you got all the women’s attention. We Stand here to talk with you about it. Stay. See what other comments you have to actually READ AND TRY TO COMPREHEND WITH COMPASSION AND EMPATHY.

    Otherwise, if no one else is interested in what you have to say, you probably will not get a response. NO need to block you I guess. You can just leave and not reply. It’s really okay.

  17. Stay in your lane, Jack. This is not about you. Your need to hijack the point of this post and talk over everyone on the thread is why the point continues to be relevant.

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