From Passion to Profit


I love working with individuals to help them overcome their obstacles to personal growth and success! I’ve helped many and I can help you. Email me and we can set up a free call to discuss it.

BUT… if you would like to work with a group… sign up for my


(Even if you don’t have a large following… yet!)

I have some great news! I’m opening up a new program, From Passion to Profit, and there’s space available.

You’ll join a select group of other people (maximum 6) who will work directly with me over 6 weeks to unleash their passion and direct it into making a profit!

Some people call these “mastermind” groups. I’ve been a part of these and the dynamic of meeting with others is powerful and effective.

AND… it doesn’t matter what you’re creative in or want to be! I’ve worked with everyone from farmers to knitters to costume jewelers and on and on.

SO… are you ready?



What You’ll Get:

The From Passion to Profit group program will you give you everything you need to…

  • find your passion (that I believe EVERYONE has even if they don’t know it),
  • unleash your creativity (that I believe EVERYONE has even if they don’t know it),
  • and turn it into a profit (that I believe ANYONE can achieve even if they don’t believe it).

I know this because I proved it to myself! I got in touch with what I’m passionate about, unleashed my creativity, prolifically create new work every day, and even make money by selling it! I do paintings, drawings, cartoons, sculptures, books, book and magazine and site  illustrations, commission work, write and record songs, create ebooks, design t-shirts, found and facilitate online communities, public speaking, and more! PLUS… and here’s the amazing part: I make money doing it.

Just imagine doing what you’re passionate about and getting paid for it!

So… here’s what you’ll get:

  1. 6 WEEKLY SESSIONS WITH ME: The group meets by video conference at the same time/day every week. The meeting times will be decided once the group is filled to match everyone’s schedule. Recorded replays are available in case you might miss a meeting.
  1. HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PASSION: Many people have no idea what their passion is. I have ways of getting in touch with our passion, naming it, and channeling it into abundant creativity… tricks I use.
  1. HOW TO BECOME A COURAGEOUS CREATOR: I think we are all creative, but often fear holds us back. Creatives must express themselves! So, once we address the fear and decide to be courageous in the face of it, our creativity is unleashed! I’ll help you figure out how to do this.
  1. HOW TO GET PAST YOUR BLOCKS AND BECOME PROLIFIC: Have you heard of writer’s block? In fact, every creative person… from painter to entrepreneur… gets stuck. I’m a prolific creator, and I have ways of helping you overcome obstacles so you can be prolific too!
  1. HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD AND GET FANS: I have been creative for so many years now. I’ve learned how to attract attention to my work, how to create fans, and even how to build communities around what I am passionate about. I’ll share my insights with you.
  1. HOW TO MONETIZE YOUR CREATIVITY: Many years ago if someone told me I’d be making a living as a creative, I wouldn’t have believed them. It took me a while, but I’ve overcome the typical artist’s hangups about money, marketing, and business, and learned how to monetize what I do. I’ll let you in on many of my ideas and personal stories.
  1. THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASK ME ANYTHING: During the meetings… or any by email… you can pick my brain! You can literally ask me anything. I love helping other creatives succeed.




It doesn’t matter what field you’re in or how you express your creativity. It can be anything at all. The whole point of this program is to unleash your limitless creativity and manifest it in any way you please and in any projects you undertake. If you’re creative at all… or want to be… this program will help you become more courageous, productive, and profitable!

Read some testimonials:

“From Passion to Profit helped to push me from a theoretical place into actually doing what I love. People are actually asking me for my business card and thinking of creative ways for us to work together. The weekly conversations and suggestions held me accountable. I have not accomplished all the tasks, but things are moving forward in an exciting way. I especially loved being connected with others in seemingly different fields and finding our common bonds. Thank you David Hayward.” (Missy)

“This course has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful, supportive creative people in different areas. I’ve grown in confidence and have new and exciting possibilities to explore in my creative practice, and I’m learning new ways to introduce more people to what I do. Thanks, David, for your guidance and encouragement.” (Shar)

“Prior to starting the course I had a vague idea on what I could be doing. With David’s help and the others in the group I was able to refine it and see a path forward. Knowing I had others pushing me on and making me accountable for doing the work helped make it real by the end of the 6 weeks!” (Scott)

STILL NOT SURE? Email me and we can set up a chat about it!

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* (All payments are non-refundable since we understand that the client’s results depend on the client.)