Freebie Friday 3 Rachel Held Evans Books

Stephanie from Thomas Nelson Publishers contacted me yesterday to tell me they saw my cartoon yesterday and liked it. So she offered to let me give away 3 of Rachel’s books. How cool is that? I give away all kinds of books from across the theological spectrum that contribute to the questions.

All you have to do to enter the draw is:

  1. Make a comment on this post! (even just “Hi!”)
  2. Sign up for my daily newsletter. (You’ll receive my free daily cartoon in your mail inbox every morning!)
*The contest ends midnight tonight my time (11pm EST). I’ll announce the 3 winners tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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117 Replies to “Freebie Friday 3 Rachel Held Evans Books”

  1. This biblical view of manhood has always been rammed down my throat. I’ve always hated it, nor do I expect it in my own marriage.

  2. well, it should be an interesting read.. I saw an interview with her last week.
    interesting to say the least.

  3. Hi David. Am really enjoying your daily posts – very thought provoking. I live in the UK – would you be willing to post the book to me?

    All the best.


    P.S. Looks like I’m the first woman to comment on this issue!

  4. OOOH! How exciting!

    I’m already signed up to the daily cartoon and furthermore, I will be back in New Brunswick later this month, so if I win, then all the better. =;-)


  5. This book sound very interesting. Love the idea. Hope there are good ideas to show why biblical anything needs to be valued in its context and not pasted on our lives for today. Hey David love to win, is it possible to post to Melbourne Australia! Love kathy 🙂

  6. I enjoyed Rachel’s reflections on MD’s ‘reading'(!) of Esther – so I’d love to have a peek at this 🙂

  7. Looking forward to reading this book- we’ll see if we can sneak it past council into our church library… (loved the “Biblical Parenting” cartoon, btw.)

  8. Hi! There, I did it. I already subscribe to your daily cartoon, which I love. Thanks for your witty way of challenging me in my spiritual walk.

  9. I enjoyed AJ Jacobs’ book “The Year of Living Biblically,” so this would be a nice complementary read.

    I already receive your daily cartoons. I must say I’m thankful that I’ve never experienced anything even close to the control and abuse you depict. However, in the “know thine enemy” vein, I appreciate the look at the shadow side of our intense desire for a sense of belonging.

  10. Well, I’ve already read it, as I was on the launch team. But I only have a reader’s electronic copy, so I would love to have a “real” one. Planning to buy the book anyway if I don’t win, but free is good too. 🙂

  11. Ask and you will receive! Okay, it doesn’t always seem to work that way, but you don’t get anything if you don’t ask, right? Happy Friday!

  12. I loved her other book “Elvoving In Monkey Town” and I am sure I would this one as well. *Keeping fingers crossed*

  13. Would love a copy of Rachel’s book and your cartoon yesterday made me laugh out loud. Of course your posts usually evoke some strong emotion — laugh or cry. Thanks for what you do and the truth you tell!

  14. I would love a copy of Rachel’s book. She sounds like a person that does not take herself too seriously. 🙂


  15. I can’t wait to read it! I’ve been a strong woman all my life and had to leave the building just to find my voice and learn how to speak out. Good for Rachel! And good for you, David!

  16. ooh ooh ooh! Pick me! pick me!
    I loved reading “Evolving in Monkey Town” and have been really looking forward to reading this book as part of my own spiritual evolution.

  17. Well, the world might like to put me in a tent during a few days each month, but I’m curious to learn how one woman felt actually choosing to follow some of these goofy patriarchal “rules.” So, pick me, please!! 🙂

  18. Hi there! I have been following you on twitter for a while. Recently left a church and, well, your words have helped!

  19. So we have our 3 winners:
    1. Scott Finn
    2. Martha
    3. Lydia
    Please email me (haywardart at gmail dot com) your mailing address so that Thomas Nelson Publishers can ship you your free book!

  20. A very humorous and exaggerated take on literal interpretation of instructions for women…. Living aside from the clan during menstruation literally when all was necessary was a trip to a local convenience store was funny. lol. Wonder what the pharmacies provided back then….She certainly praised her habby in an interesting way. lol. I’m sure many who aren’t well versed in scripture and proper interpretation will walk away thinking some quirky things if but for a short season but nothing too threatening to themselves I’m sure.

    I’m sure she’ll have some pretty insensitive critics from evangelical circles but they ought to just chill and enjoy the book for what it is, a very humorous spin and exaggeration and a genuine invitation to walk with God.

    Hoping she has continued success.

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