Did You Break the Unspoken Expectations of Your Church?

"Unspoken Expectations" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Unspoken Expectations” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Every church has unspoken expectations.

Every group has them.

Every human being has them.

The last church I was at, I assumed I had the space to grow as I wished.

But I discovered, to my great disappointment, that I had crossed a line.

“This far and no further” was an unspoken expectation of my church and the denomination I was a part of (Vineyard).

I had gone too far in my search for truth and my quest for personal wholeness.

I broke their expectations.

Me being the pastor, though, contributed to the complexity of the issue.

It was time to leave.

No regrets now.

But, I would have stayed if I was given the space.

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2 Replies to “Did You Break the Unspoken Expectations of Your Church?”

  1. In a church I attended if you were gay and didn’t act on it, that was the spoken expectation. The real policy was if you were gay you were messed up and disgusting. I don’t go to that church any more. And I’m in a same-sex relationship. It’s awesome!

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