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  1. Jack Russell says:

    1. Needing approval for how I think, feel and act.
    2. Being unduly influenced by a theology, philosophy, political movement or ideology.
    3. Marmite
    4. Being held responsible for someone else taking offence.
    5. Needing to suck up to a person, authority or idea in order to be socially accepted.
    6. Not being valued for the good that I bring.
    7. Children being out of control due to bad parenting – it’s not cute, it’s annoying.
    8. Having to tolerate nit picking.
    9. Hypocrisy and it not being called out.
    10. Anything that is limiting to life in it’s fullness.

  2. Charlotte says:

    When my nephew was under 2, he was beating pots and pans and a bucket with a wooden spoon and singing “phucket” since he could not say “B” yet. His grandmother was visiting and both Mom and Grandmother ignored what he said and told him he did great on the “BUCKET.” We still laugh about him as a little kid. Now he is an EMS volunteer, helps at curating Navy documents for the government, and is raising his own 3 sons. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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