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  1. Jack Russell says:

    Haha – this reminds me of the old joke about men always having the last word and it being “yes dear”.

    Thank you David – as a man whether it is natural or socially constructed, my inclination when hearing a woman speak and see difficulty in what she is experiencing is to look to find a solution to the problem I perceive she is expressing. This is not always the best and at be taken to be not listening. Sometimes I need to be reminded that listening at such times is better, and requires less effort. I don’t understand why it works rather than a “solution” but I am glad when it does.

    Of course there are some times when a woman does not feel she is being heard that not amount of listening will make better. And it obviously takes humility and courage for a woman to who is in need of professional help with listening, and counselling/couching to seek such help and to do the hard work of working with a professional according to her need at such a time.

    I hope things are going well with your coaching David.

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