Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Thinking!

"Don't Stop Thinking" cartoon by David Hayward
“Don’t Stop Thinking” cartoon by David Hayward




3 Replies to “Don’t Let Anyone Stop You From Thinking!”

  1. LOL! A great cartoon!

    It is true that I enjoy suspending thinking during singing… it is just a joy to sing.

    But then again, the sermons move too fast for me to think. I find myself tuning in the first 5 minutes, and then exploring those thoughts… and looking up… and the 25 minute lecture is ending. I wonder what else he said?

    I have actually enjoyed recorded YouTube videos. They are 12 to 15 minutes long. Then, when done, I can rethink all the main points, and wonder about other ways of viewing the material. Or, even view a counter-proposal from another video.

    It is all about staying mentally engaged, I suppose. But that creates leaders… and I am not so sure the church wishes leaders anymore. It seems they are searching for Extensions… not leaders… and there is quite a difference.

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