For the Women who Dare to Share their Stories

"Intimidation" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Intimidation” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


It takes a lot of bravery for a woman to risk telling her story.

More people are just realizing that now.

And my heart is also with those who haven’t risked sharing.

I get it.


4 Replies to “For the Women who Dare to Share their Stories”

  1. It is not always sharks, some times it’s buzzards. Victims DO report these crimes to the proper authorities, desperately trying to Save the Next Girl……but you just get more buzzards. (and the courts get another CASE FULL OF MONEY)

  2. And also “nice” people.

    Beverly put it well with it being about money.

    My recent experiences have given me greater empathy for women who experience this kind of thing.

    As an update on this, tomorrow I will be having a meeting about a position in a similar field to the one I have have just left. And with this distancing I am more at peace, confident and stronger from having faced the situation, given the opportunity for learning improving and setting things right with me – and when that hadn’t happened to be moving on.

    There’s always three choices – accepting the status quo, trying to change things or avoiding it and moving on.

    Unfortunately it’s often the case where there is injustice that the only way for the fish to find justice is to find a bigger shark than the pack of sharks that can bring them to justice.

    And whether that be a powerful lawyer (if you can afford one), a body or institution or ultimately, God, a “higher power” or universal poetic justice – whatever you want to call it then the only thing that can be done is leave it to that power.

    Truth and justice will always be forthcoming sooner or later. And comfort can be had in that.

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