When Women Will No Longer Fulfill the Expectations of Others

"Late for Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Late for Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Here’s how I think it happened:

First, men constructed fantasies about their women.

Then, they encoded these fantasies into rules with their holy books.

These encoded rules became expectations.

These fantasies were nourished by their expectations and further elaborated them.

This cycle continues today.

When a woman acts otherwise, she’s considered disobedient, rebellious, a Jezebel, a bitch.

Sarah, in this cartoon, is taking steps to break out of this pattern.

No one is happy about it.

There are lots of “Sarah’s” in our online community, The Lasting Supper. Join us! Others are.


4 Replies to “When Women Will No Longer Fulfill the Expectations of Others”

  1. Poor man behind the door getting himself all worried about the pastors approval and what God might do if he’s late for church.

    Looks like his missed the memo that Jesus sent about peace he gave, not at the world gives and what he said about not letting anything make him feel afraid.

    Looks like the couple could do with a bit of marital counselling ;).

  2. This, as a general practice, is an extremely helpful way for people to see plainly just how free you are or aren’t in a given situation. I’m often told about “freedom in Christ” and “freedom in submission” and how these aren’t rigid rules, but guidelines intended to help us, etc., etc.

    If you’re told this, test it out immediately by going against it and watching the reaction. And there will be a reaction. It can be instructional not only for you, but for all those around you who see what happens.

    You can plant more seeds with this type of living demonstration than with all the good points you make in debates ever.

    If they’re telling you it’s harmless and no big deal, cross it. Then everyone will see.

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