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2 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    I think we LGBT go up, but not down in reality. In the US, the SCOTUS declared us to be able to marry the same-sex partner. So, now the backlash will come for a few years.

    It is always that way. The minority being promoted to the same rights/privileges causes the prior owner of those rights some discomfort and some grieving process.

    Then, in steps political opportunity and grandstanding, and the discomfort is played upon for political gain, and the normal grieving process is lengthened as much as is possible for more political gain.

    Give it 20 more years, and the idea of someone being elected that plays upon the LGBT “Question” will be looked at the same as someone campaigning on the basis that women should not show their ankles or elbows in public.

  2. Let’s hope 20 years and not more. Seems some would like to go back to a more explicitly racist society.