Buddha Raft, Christian Raft

"The Raft" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“The Raft” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


You’ve heard the story of Buddha’s raft, haven’t you? The Buddha is said to have taught:

“I shall show you how the Dharma is similar to a raft, being for the purpose of crossing over, not for the purpose of grasping…”

I wasn’t sure how to draw this cartoon. The Dharma is the teaching. So, I could have used “belief” or “theology” or “faith”, but instead I chose to use the “church” because of all it represents and so many people would identify with it.

So this is positive. Many assume I hate the church because I critique it and don’t attend one. On the contrary, the church has done a great deal for me, and I’m grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am without it. The same as belief.

I have learned that it was all for the purpose of crossing over, and not for grasping.


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4 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    Exactly! The church is like a hospital for the wounded. Once you are ‘better’, you have the choice to (a) leave the church vehicle, (b) stay with the vehicle, or (c) stay a bit and leave a bit.

    There is no obligation to live in a hospital building after you are ‘back on your own 2 feet’. But you might enjoy a coffee or beer with some of the nurses you got to know. How about becoming a nurse? – no such obligation.

    How about meeting with the nurses every Sunday for a couple of hours to sing songs? Only if that really helps you, would I recommend that action.

    But among those people that truly need lots of human contact and friendships, why not go each week, and on Wednesday when they give food to the poor? I think that is a wonderful blending of ‘my needs’, ‘friendships’, and ‘following the commands of Christ towards the poor’.

    The church institution is a vehicle. A person should be willing to take a year off now and then, to make certain their self-identification is still their own self…. and not ‘elder’, ‘deacon’, ‘lay person’, and so forth. They should always ensure they are touching the hungry, the thirsty, the prisoner, the sick, the homeless, and the unclothed.

    Then, enjoy the raft once again, if you wish.

  2. “if you wish”… yes! thanks Caryn.

  3. Ajenje says:

    Nice Way of seeing life and the church. Nice pictures too.
    The way I see the church from Scriptures is a complete body of Christ. As much as I have found people that hurt me in church, I find that in order that the Christ in me may be fully obvious to the world around me ( in order to shine the light of God) I need the input from other people in the church. Many a times they stress me (which is good because then I can see what else is in me that has to go) and at other times they stand by me. Just as my natural siblings stress me and build me up that same is the church family to me.

  4. Thanks Ajenje. At times the stress is so abusive and controlling that I advise people to leave the situation. That’s happening to many more people it seems these days.