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4 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    It is interesting to see that the Evangelical rhetoric has changed over time.

    I recall when “Being gay is choice” was the theme… but now it is “Behaving gay is the choice.”

    I recall when “A divorced person can never remarry”… but now it is, “So glad to meet your second husband.”

    It seems that ‘mercy triumphs over judgment’ is a continuing theme, as cultures change and become more accepting.

    But I still wonder if the culture is more in control than the Scriptures.

  2. Caryn: Has the language changed in those same communities? I know some have. Or have we changed communities? Always appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Caryn LeMur says:

    I am an outsider to the Ex-gay communities… so, although my communities have changed over the years, my perspective is that of an outsider on this subject.

    I believe that the language has evolved in the ‘change is possible’ community (which is an anti-gay marriage community).

    Years ago, it was very clearly stated that sexual orientation could and would change – because everyone had an underlying ‘heterosexual’ orientation, and/or God would not call being ‘gay’ a sin, unless it was ‘choice’. The ‘name it and claim it’ believers also contributed their faith perspective.

    This was the position of Exodus International, in my opinion.

    Exodus International disbanded as an organization. Restoring Hope Network (RHN) is the new standard-bearer.

    RHN now states that they do not change sexual orientation; however, orientation may change. To my understanding, RHN does not believe there is an underlying heterosexual orientation in all people.

    Nonetheless, in RHN perspective, a Lesbian or Gay person should live a life in conformity with God’s Word, which (to RHN_ prohibits any same-sex love or marriage. So, you become celibate or marry the opposite sex, even if you only sort of like the opposite sex as a friend.

    I believe that RHN holds that God would not call ‘acting out as gay’ a sin, unless it was ‘choice’. The ‘name it and claim it’ believers seem to have become ‘stay in group counseling’ believers (sort of like AA).

    I therefore believe that their language has changed.

    However, the end product – encouragement of self-hatred and a belief that acting on your same-sex attraction is the greatest influence in obtaining God’s disfavor – has not changed.

    Hate your intrinsic self. Call yourself confused, deceived, ‘have a problem’, wrong identity. Hate your intrinsic self. But… if you act on your desires… then you feel loved! Oh, but wait, God hates your sin and you have earned his disfavor. Repent. Repeat binge-and-purge loop.

  4. encouragement of self-hatred. yes.