Leaving the Ministry? Here’s a Course for You!

"Leaving the Ministry" by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Leaving the Ministry” by nakedpastor David Hayward


I attempted to start this course before based on a community model like The Lasting Supper. But it didn’t work. Why? I discovered ex-pastors wanted the information now and weren’t interested in the community aspect as much. SO…

I’m very excited to be offering this course at this time in a totally new format that’s available RIGHT NOW. Also, I will be adding more content in the future.

Hi, I’m David. And I’m an ex-pastor.

I personally know the intense struggle leaving the ministry involves.


I’ve also learned what helps to alleviate the pain of this transition and what to do to make it easier to live in the real world.

This course is many hours long and full of stories, insights, and advice about leaving the ministry.

It took me hours of expensive therapy, personal reflection, and journalling to help me get healthy again. I distill a lot of that down into this affordable course.

Are you thinking of leaving the ministry? Take this course!
Have you just left the ministry? Take this course!
Has it been a while since you left the ministry? Take this course.
Do you know someone leaving the ministry? Advise them to take this course!

Leaving the Ministry provides information on everything from self-care to sex, from relaxation to resumés, from money to marriage… everything I could think of that applies to the difficult transition of leaving the ministry. I’ve included it all in this course.

I get very personal, and when interviewing many other ex-pastors on this course, they get personal too. You will hear their stories and how they did it.

You can read a lot more about the course HERE.

And yes, I will see you there! We can interact more personally inside the course.


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