Listen or Fix

"Listen or Fix" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Listen or Fix” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I know I mention The Lasting Supper a lot. You know why?

Because it’s an amazing resource for people struggling to stay, leave, or survive without, the church.

It’s a growing, respectful, and increasingly safer community (thanks Caryn) of independent people learning how to be spiritual beyond the authorization of the church.

We listen. We don’t try to fix. We respect your path.

Would you like that?

Sure, we’ve gone through rough spots. What group hasn’t? That’s how we learn to do it better. And we are.

Why not join us? I’ll personally help you feel welcomed. Plus, you and I will have greater opportunity to interact… if you want.

Join The Lasting Supper.


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2 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    As a member of TLS, I would offer that we are a ‘safer’ community – not a ‘safe’ community.

    A ‘safe’ space or community has some very strong rules, and enforcement.

    A ‘safer’ space or community is not just a play on words – it points that the community has few rules (much more like guidelines) and enforcement only for extreme cases (such as a member using TLS for hitting on the women for dates).

    TLS allows people that are atheist to post a joke about the craziness of believers… and… finds that many of the believers laugh along with them. Because we have a guideline of mutual respect (and the joke was too funny to not laugh! 😉 )

    TLS allows a believer to post something wonderful that ‘God has done for me!’ And the atheist reader may simply post ‘How wonderful for you!’ and mean it.

    And in the ‘safer’ community we allow respectful discussions from various points of view, especially in “I” language. ‘Love what you wrote. For me, that did not happen, and my story is different. I found that …”

    And it is all ok. What matters is that we care for each other.