7 Replies to “when puppets get tired of being controlled”

  1. ironic

    don’t you feel this is exactly what you do with your Jesus (cartoons)?

    noble intents or not
    using sock puppets is a manipulative practice
    we need to call folks on it

    Religion is all about sock puppets

    a hard habit to break

  2. Sabio: if a person believes there was a historical Jesus, then the game is on:

    – how accurate are the quotes attributed to Jesus?
    – how radical of a change to the Law of Moses did he preach?

    It is not about ‘sock puppets’, which is to say outright manipulative. It is rather about an objective review that admits we will never escape our innate subjectiveness.

  3. Caryn,

    1) Cherry Picking: It is obvious that David cherry picks New Testament supposed sayings of Jesus to make his liberal Jesus. [mind you, I don’t mind David’s politics and emphasises, just his continued religious tools to give his words favored ideas ‘spiritual” authority].

    2) Sock Puppet Gospels: There is almost concensus among Biblical scholars that the gospel writers changed things up to get their Jesus to say and fulfill their agenda. Matthew’s OT fulfillment agenda is a case in point. So, a “historical Jesus” is doomed from the get go.

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