The Holy Birth Cycle

"Holy Birth Cycle" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“Holy Birth Cycle” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The mind is genius.

First, we manufacture our perfect god.
Then this perfect god provides a savior to save us… of course.
Then we claim this savior accepted us and made us who we are.
Then this reinforces our theology of our manufactured perfect god.
Then on and on this cycle goes.

The longer this cycle goes on, the more the distinction between our selves and our god diminishes until eventually we and our god is completely indistinguishable.

We become god.

From here we create worlds according to our will.

This has already happened.


2 Replies to “The Holy Birth Cycle”

  1. I do agree that there is a process by which we, as humans over time, reduce our definition of God to a more effective form.

    Those that are poor, may see a God that gives prosperity.
    Those that are wounded, may see a God that gives protection.
    Those that wish a heaven, may see a God that gives eternal life.

    And those that believe God should have intervened… but He did not… may see a God that is a betrayer of their hope.

    Therefore, I am not sure that we make our definition of God to be like us… but rather, we make Him into something that has a positive effect upon us.

    But if He betrays our hope, then, we declare Him to be unlike us… after all, we would never have done such a betrayal.

    I realize my above statements are the arguments of the Book of Job – that God is above and beyond any human reasoning – but I still lean towards humanity defining ‘God’ as the thing they need.

    It is simply what we do as humans… the God of the Book of Job is rather terrifying.

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