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2 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    I do like when the church holds AA and NA meetings. Freedom from drug abuse is a wonderful goal worth pursuing.

    And, I do like when the church holds ‘Divorce Recovery’ or ‘Bereavement Workshops’. Freedom from the consuming Grief Process is a wonderful goal worth pursing.

    However, I do recall believing (and teaching) about the ‘elusive’ freedom in Christ. This was the ‘freedom’ you only could experience IF you ‘walked in the Spirit’, or ‘spoke in tongues’, or ‘continuously prayed’, or ‘attended worship team’, or ‘sought the face of God’, or……

    Or… Or….Or….. And… And…. And…..

    We were never free, because we already were free, but kept in control.

    I so recall the church needed to be the center of our gravity; and oddly, we needed a center of gravity.

    When we no longer need the approval of the church, we then are set free.

    And we attend – if we wish – once a year, or once a week. We attend where we wish.

    The church becomes not the center of our personal solar system, but instead, just one of the planets that we visit with joy, when we need or wish to do so.

  2. yes, the church lost its center. for me. freudian, jungian, ideas of leaving the mother.