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  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    Well…. Melania Trump believes that Billy Bush managed to manipulate Donald Trump – like two teen-age boys might do. Although Trump is 25 years older than Billy Bush, as I recall.

    Interesting that we may elect a highly immature, easy-to-manipulate man, as the President of the United States.

    I am actually fascinated by the total meltdown of Donald Trump, in that he cannot perceive the downward spiral he is enacting.

    I see the same in Pat Robertson.

    – Trump is sinking the Republican Party, and it will undergo massive change or die.

    – Robertson is sinking the Conservative Evangelicals (though he is a ‘charismatic’ version), and the church movement most closely associated with Robertson will undergo massive change or die.

    – Each has an excuse, so that they do not take personal responsibility: Trump will say the election is rigged (even though it is weeks away); Robertson will say that ‘God gave him a revelation/dream/vision’ and that the ‘Bible’ forces him to speak out. Neither is at fault for their own behavior.

    – Each abuses power: Trump with women; Robertson with ‘God threatening to destroy X if we do not repent to Robertson’s viewpoint’.

    But both pilots do see the plane out of control and spiraling downward; however, neither pilot seems to recognize that they are only adding more fuel to the engine’s propellers… and speeding up the demise.

    What causes me to wonder is this: Trump is not a follower of Christ (though he may be a believer); Robertson strongly believes he is a follower of Christ. Yet both behave in such similar ways…..

    Thus, I keep concluding that something is going on – which has nothing to do with religion or Christ or the Bible. The two men share something in common, perhaps?

    Can it be that power corrupts people to the point that – no matter their philosophy – they behave in very similar ways: denial, anger, dictatorship (of business or church), avoidance by attacking, creating enemies for the sake of gaining unity, and each promising to ‘make American (or Christianity) great again’?

    I wonder.