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27 Responses

  1. Kenton says:

    “You are so proud. I just have to warn you that God opposes the proud.”

    “I think you’ve become wise in your own eyes!”

    “You’ve had your ears tickled.”

  2. oh i’ve heard those too Kenton. I ran outta room 😉

  3. Jack Russell says:

    “You are guilty of the good old fashioned sin of pride”

    “I am being prophetic and speaking this way because this is how God deals with it”

    “You are oversensitive to comments made to you by others and insensitive in your comments to others”

    “You have no rights”

    “We dont have the resources to deal with your issues”

    “You have been a naughty doggie”

    Maybe not the last one 😉

  4. Sue says:

    “You’re making God in your own image.”
    “God’s word is…”

  5. Denise says:

    The demons are attacking you.

  6. Shazza tha dazzla says:

    “You need to forgive”

    “You have spent too much time learning the wisdom of man”

    “You have lost your first love”

  7. Dallas says:

    A couple friends were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday, so there was a big party and we got to see some people that we had worshiped with in the past. I got into a conversation with one guy and he asked us where we were going to church now… I will admit to at least a mild rant… then he asked me what it was that was keeping me out of the church… my shields went up because this is usually a preamble to telling me how wrong I am… it turns out he was competent genuine in the question, that church has shrunk by 75% since the last time we were there, after being a quickly growing congregation… he was legislated curious what they were missing. Turned into a good conversation.

  8. lovely because that hardly ever happens

  9. yikes. i suppose the logic is you’ll be too busy to sin.

  10. Denise says:

    “yikes. i suppose the logic is you’ll be too busy to sin.”………….I’ve heard some say: You are looking for an excuse because you want the freedom to engage in immorality, you want the freedom to sin.

    Where else is there to go? We have the truth.

  11. Julia says:

    You’re being soulful.

  12. Oh ya Julia. The way I heard it was “soulish”.

  13. Thought2Much says:

    Well, be sure you keep seeking him anyway.

  14. Thought2Much says:

    Them: “Don’t walk away from all of God’s blessings just because someone in the church hurt you!”

    Me: “No one in the church hurt me. I just don’t believe anymore.”

    Them: “Then you’re just leaving because you want to sin without guilt!”

  15. Thought2Much says:

    “You must not have ever really believed anyway [mindless repetition of 1 John 2:19…]”

  16. Oh yes. Good ones! Or do I mean bad?

  17. Thought2Much says:

    Uh… yes? 😀

  18. Thought2Much says:

    “Here, read this book written by this apologist (because I’m sure you’ve never heard any of these answers to your questions before), and we’ll talk about it later.”

  19. Thought2Much says:

    “Oh, you already read that book? What I meant to say was read *this other* book written by *this other* apologist. I’m not sure why I didn’t try to give you what I thought would be the most convincing argument first.”

  20. Thought2Much says:

    “You’re just leaving because God didn’t answer your prayers the way *you* wanted instead of the way God knew would be best for you.”

  21. Well… I see someone has a lot of experience with this one! 😉

  22. Thought2Much says:

    I help moderate an atheist friend’s blog… we get a *lot* of this sort of thing from the Christians who wander into the comments.