When Jesus has to go to church!

"Jesus Goes to Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Jesus Goes to Church” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Poor Jesus… being forced to go to church. Like most kids are.

Did Jesus actually start the church? Some say yes, he founded it.

Others say his disciples took the ball, changed it into something else, and ran with it.

Then there are those who question the historicity of the whole thing… that it is an entirely human endeavor inspired by the teachings of an itinerant teacher and founded upon his memory.

Then there are others who claim the whole thing is a conspiracy initiated by those in power to control its citizenry.

I remember many years ago enjoying a good church and saying to myself that Jesus was certainly there. Then there were other churches where I concluded he certainly was not. I now believe I was wrong in both cases.


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5 Responses

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    My town is a largely white, rich suburb (I am a minority) with lots of young successful couples and their blossoming families. The town is crowded with churches and even an evangelical Episcopal (can you imagine) Seminary.

    I watch what I actually know were heavy drinking, carousing former college students, now in high paying jobs, drag their kids to church to teach them morals, because (‘damn it’) that is where they got their morals. They want their kids on the road to success too!

    Of course we all know morals don’t come from churches teaching, they come from modeling (and genetic temperaments). But these young aspiring adults are all ready to be normal again and do the right thing — dragging their kids through it too.

    I like your delineation of the possible interpretations, David. I’d say that if Jesus actually formed a church or had the church form the way he would have wanted, it would have been full of Jews sworn to poverty as they expected the coming of the son of man and Yahweh’s justice. And, they would not have married and would have all died off (without offspring) well before the writer of John’s Gospel wrote his high power Alpha-Omega Jesus myth.

    So, not only do I imagine, like many Christians, that the present church does not look like the one he imagined, but I imagine we’d hate what he’d imagined even worse. But at least that church, like that of the Shakers and others, would not have been a threat and “Petered out” (if I dare pun), like many other Jesus-imitating sects. Paul and his sort were far better sales people.

  2. I seriously question the historicity of Jesus as it’s been passed down to us. However, I do think there was a Paul. “Sales”. Well… in a way, yes.

  3. Sabio Lantz says:

    Yeah, Paul may have given the theology that later writers tried to put meat and bones on — with all their stories, then can the multitude of spin offs — all of them using the same banner but each carrying their own agendas. All of them cloaked, however, in god-talk — so hard to combat, because we are all so vulnerable to it — and the salespeople know it!

  4. MSOMI says:

    The church was there even before Christ.