Are your choices the Church or Hell?

"The Church or Hell" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“The Church or Hell” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Many people are fearfully stuck in this dilemma. I’ve spoken with so many who are absolutely terrified by the change in their beliefs, the loss of their faith that they once knew, and their increasingly strained struggle with their relationship with the church.

I always encourage people that if they continue their questions with honesty and courage, the fear of hell will eventually pass.

This has been my experience and the experience of many others as well.

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2 Replies to “Are your choices the Church or Hell?”

  1. Being honest but I actually worry that this is how my family will think of my conversion process once it really gets underway.

  2. Hugs, Jordan. The ‘right to question’, the ‘right to research’, and the ‘right to change/convert’ – these are some of the rights I was willing to defend with my life during my military years.

    We did not prepare to fight (or support the fighters) with the end goal of keeping everything the same. We did not live for ‘truth, justice, and the American Way’ (per the saying of Superman). 😉

    We did not invest our lives for the purpose of bullying people away from religious exploration.

    You are following a great tradition. You are simply exercising your rights.

    I highly doubt that God is as small minded, as various sects wish us to think.

    And hopefully, your family will not grieve a ‘loss’, but celebrate an exploring and thinking man in their midst.

    May you find balance, and peace, and joy.

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