"Jesus Robs Church CAPTION THIS" cartoon contest by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Jesus Robs Church CAPTION THIS” cartoon contest by nakedpastor David Hayward

Yay! It’s time for another Caption This Cartoon Contest!

Provide a caption for this cartoon. I call this one “Jesus Robs the Church”. Enter your ONE imaginative and funny caption. Let’s have fun with this.

The winner gets a fine art reproduction print of the completed cartoon, signed, sealed, and delivered to their door! A joint effort between the nakedpastor and the winner! I’ll sign it then you can sign it once you get it. Something you can hang up and brag about.


1. Leave a comment here on my blog with your caption. (ONE ENTRY ONLY PLEASE!)
2. Sign up for my emails where you get my cartoons in your inbox every day! (If you do, you also get a free e-book, Two Sizes Too Small… a book about our journey towards spiritual independence.)

I’ll post the winner this weekend with the completed cartoon with the new caption.

Have fun!


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47 Responses

  1. Mark Gordon says:

    Well, Well, Well, What have we here? Do you remember that story about a man called Robin Hood? Stole from the rich to give to the poor? Well, Sheriffs of Nottingham, guess who also takes from the rich to give to the poor …

  2. Sharmini says:

    Your money or your life! Seriously, which one would you pick?

  3. Dan Dickinson says:

    I am wearing a mask because if I showed my real face you would not know who I was.

  4. Chris Booth says:

    ‘Looks like your burden needs lightening.’

  5. Gary says:

    Nope…give it back. You can’t love the money and the people at the same time.

  6. Jonn McDaniel says:

    Didn’t you tell everyone they were giving to the Lord? Well, I’m here to collect.

  7. David says:

    Tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul, Jesus takes a new approach …

  8. Kris799 says:

    “Don’t make me turn over this table!”

  9. terri jo says:

    Let’s whip you into spiritual shape: me or mammon?

  10. Steve G. says:

    “Nice pile of cash. Don’t make me go all temple on you”

  11. Give all the money to the poor and nobody gets hurt.

  12. Kirk Moore says:

    Like a thief in the night.

  13. Matt says:

    No loot for you!!!…The Loot Nazi

  14. Erin Green says:

    Jesus whips the church treasury. He whips it good.

  15. Lonnie Rodriguez says:

    “Show me the MONEY!”

  16. Tim Sasse says:

    Hearts drop in the church collection office after Jesus literally Malachi 3:8’s them immediately after they Malachi 3:8’ed their flock

  17. cm says:

    I see your heart, when you give.

  18. Sarah Kawa says:

    I need a new jet. My feet are tired tired of walking……

  19. Lori says:

    Thou shalt not steal.

  20. purvez says:

    Huh?!!! What no gun?

  21. Terry Heaton says:

    Stick ’em up! Collecting for the Boss.

  22. Peter Christensen says:

    Was the 3rd special offering at tonight’s service not a clear enough message???

  23. Maria Cecilia says:

    “Didn’t you hear me? “Blessed are the POOR!”

  24. David Waters says:

    Even a Tax Collector gets more respect, so, pay up cause, “I’m the Tax man, yeah I’m the tax man…”

  25. Patricia Pope says:

    “Okay, Terry, I heard what you said about not being here to save the world, so here I am!”

  26. Kristin says:

    Jesus casts out the money changers… again

  27. David says:

    My Father says I get half of the collection. Hand it over!

  28. Kathleen Hammerquist says:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit. I’m just trying to bless you!

  29. Heather says:

    I did it once, and I’ll do it again.

  30. Paco Larios says:

    …now you know what it feels like bitches.

  31. Dug says:

    Now I TOLD you to face the bills in the same orientation! DO I HAVE TO DO THIS MYSELF?

  32. Arthur Frymyer says:

    Judas wants his thirty piece of silver back!

  33. Jason Bird says:

    I don’t like doing this

    But I kind of hate money

    Was that not crystal clear?

  34. Douglas says:

    Render until Caesar. I’m Caesar of Caesars, bitches!!!

  35. James Phillips says:

    Prayed up; now pay up

  36. “Your money AND your life!”

  37. George Medley says:

    I’ll tell you where you can stick that monetary seed

  38. Michael says:

    “Consider me moth and rust!”

  39. Bruce Hanson says:

    Your money or your wife.

  40. Justin D Vollmar says:

    Church’s back room

    Church’s dirty secret

    Making profits off Hell

    I don’t know if you would allow severals submission.

  41. Pat Landers says:

    For the last time, I am not Indiana Jones!

  42. Dan says:

    Following trumps lead, Jesus decides to build wall between heaven and earth. Jesus makes illegal immigrants pay for build.

  43. Callum Cairns says:

    Don’t make me “flip” out…

  44. Congratulations Jonn McDaniel! You’re the winner of the caption contest with “Didn’t you tell everyone they were giving to the Lord? Well, I’m here to collect.” I like it because it captures what would be a very awkward moment, and the looks on the faces of the counters is perfect! How can they argue against that? I’ll need your mailing address so I can send you a print of the completed cartoon! Email me at haywardart at gmail dot com!

    But they were all imaginative. So I’ll be sending all subscribers a link so you can download a free high-quality image of the cartoon to print out for yourself.

    Thanks for playing everyone!

  45. John says:

    “Back away from the table, Im not sure how big this thing gets” 😛

  46. Tom says:

    Bill and Beni, I hope you’re not thinking of giving any of that money to the Trump campaign!?

  47. drmrs says:

    “The meek shall inherit the world,” and please include much wealth!