Angels of Light, False Advertising, & Misleading Packaging

"Angel of Light" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Angel of Light” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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The Apostle Paul asserts that Satan disguises himself as an Angel of Light (2 Corinthians 11:14). He says this in the context of false teaching, deceit, lies.

What he was encouraging, then, is that we need to hold all authority in question. We need to be suspicious, or at least discerning, of authority. The very things that claim and we presume are good for us may not be. Just because something comes packaged in authority, leadership, power, and control, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Angels may be devils!

So, for me, the metaphorical Angel of Light may look like authority structures, powerful figures, charismatic leadership, moving speech, appealing ideas, and contagious movements. This is not to say that the message content of these things is necessarily false and deceitful, but that they very well could be and perhaps likely are.

Discernment is job one.


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10 Responses

  1. terri jo says:

    Question question question……. Difficult, especially for those who have experienced any sort of trauma or abuse. I was molded to be compliant and nonconfrontational and “don’t talk back”. Slow climb to the truth, but recovery is (and has been) possible

  2. terri jo says:

    Thank you for the poem named “Cleansed” in the Liberation of Sophie….. Wow, my world right now big time, spiritual residue from another type of collusion. Rock on, Brother

  3. spectre says:

    Well, some posts ago there was a cartoon endorsing Bernie… could be ironic, but its just really sad.

  4. I dare you to find that post endorsing Bernie.

  5. Sabio Lantz says:

    Paul was a believist — right belief brings salvation, right belief should be kept pure.

    I don’t think Paul was saying doubt authority, he was saying “Doubt anyone who disagrees with me.”

    We still hear this from pastors and such, “Doubt everything [that doesn’t sound exactly like what I tell you].”

    Paul isn’t a quotable authority to me! But I know Christians will give more cred to Bible quotes over simple reason.

  6. spectre says:

    If that post about Bernie was sarcasm, then I’m sorry, just didnt get it.

  7. spectre says:

    I’m just so surrounded by “pop” christians endorsing Sanders and trashing(deservedly) Trump, like if their biggest difference wasnt just the hair style. Trump says a lot of sh*t, but Bernie actually said socialism is good, that is far worse than anything else.

    We here in Latin America are suffering, being killed and oppressed by socialism for decades. Americans are know for being very obnoxious about other countries, but it still surreal to see wealthy people from free countries support someone like him while a lot of other countries all over the world are burning due to being tricked by the same kind of populism.

    Still, there is hope, just see the massive protests here in Brazil, the last elections on Argentina, the resistance in Venezuela… they are actively killing opposition there, there is barely any water, people are starving. A friend from there tells me a lot of terror histories, like now in her once peaceful city, she, as a young woman, cant go out alone. Or as even in the intense heat, they cant sleep with the windows open as before, because of the garbage burning(there is no more garbage collect ).

    So yeah, if Bernie is elected I hope Jesus stay in the US, because Americans are gonna need some help.

  8. Ya the whole cartoon is full of sarcasm, irony, and humor. I thought. And… in Canada… there are many aspects of our life here that is socialist. And we like it.

  9. Headless Unicorn Guy says:

    I’ve always figured that Bible verse has a general application as to how successful sociopaths are masters of camouflaging what they really are. It’s part of Grooming and Manipulation.