Caption This Cartoon Contest by nakedpastor David Hayward

Caption This Cartoon Contest by nakedpastor David Hayward

It’s time for another Caption This Contest!

Provide a caption for this cartoon. I call this one “Jesus with Pigs”. So let’s come up with some imaginative and funny captions. I know you can do it. You’ve never failed me yet.

The winner gets a fine art reproduction print of the completed cartoon, signed, sealed, and delivered to their door! A joint effort between the nakedpastor and the winner! I’ll sign it then you can sign it once you get it. Something you can hang up and brag about.


1. Leave a comment here on my blog with your caption. (ONE ENTRY ONLY PLEASE!)
2. Sign up for my emails where you get my cartoons in your inbox every day! (If you do, you also get a free e-book, “The Stages of Deconstruction”.)

I’ll post the winner on Sunday morning with the completed cartoon with the new caption.

Have fun!


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46 Responses

  1. Adam Julians says:

    Now my friends, about those pearls…

  2. lewis schofield says:

    “Yes, I know what I said about pearls and swine but I’ve got enough love for everyone!”

  3. Helen Schofield says:

    “I’m not big on exclusion…”

  4. Larry Marshall says:

    In a surprise, Jesus makes an appearance at the Republican Debate last night…

  5. Matt Reimer says:

    Hey Fellas…After seeing so many walk away from the church, I thought I too would join the long line of prodigals. Would you like fries with that?

  6. David Waters says:

    It is written… but I say, “everything is better with bacon!”

  7. David Horton says:

    “I’m sorry guys but bacon is gonna be back on the menu .”

  8. Adslice says:

    “What’s gotten into you guys lately?”

  9. Lonnie says:

    Why yes, of courseI love bacon!

  10. Nerys Johnson says:

    Now my little Gadarenes, please don’t worry, it will be over very quickly

  11. Erin Green says:

    “I am the Vine and you are the bacon. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much bacon. Apart from me you cannot bacon. BACON!!!”

  12. James Harper says:

    Let the little piggies come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of bacon.

  13. John Hayward says:

    Don’t worry my little friends….one day your name will be synonymous with the greatest motorcycle of all time!

  14. Todd Rutkowski says:

    “I say unto you, what does it profit you to gain the whole world but lose your bacon”

  15. “Since most of my sheep have left me, I’m happy to stick with you guys!”

  16. Joel Ealy says:

    “Republicans, come unto me.”

  17. George M Porter says:

    ‘ … now about that Gadarenes story ….’

  18. Eric Sun says:

    Glad to be with others who are committed, and don’t just participate….


  19. Dan Dickinson says:

    “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy….”

    (Sorry, I just had to, couldn’t resist – been spending too much time with the grand daughter I guess)

  20. Cloud says:

    “You are swine with me.”

  21. Tim Jenkins says:

    I know I fed the 5000 but………….

  22. Douglas says:

    on this rock, build. It’ll keep out the wolf, who comes to steal, kill and destroy.

  23. Kirk Moore says:

    I’m sorry about the cliff thing.

  24. gillian scott says:

    ‘kay, my wee porkers. I’m gonna cast a spirit out of this man and into y’all.
    when I wave my arm and cry “OUT”, y’all run run frantically squealing,
    down to the pond there. It’ll be our joke.

  25. ttm says:

    “Sorry about the mixup, guys. I cursed FIGS.”

  26. Melody says:

    So sorry about the bad rap you’ve gotten. I’m not sure where Moses got that bit about pigs.

  27. “Many enthralled, but few are cloven.”

  28. Cliff Wharton says:

    Oh, sure! Some of my favorite people are “unclean”.

  29. After working with the church for a couple thousand years, I decided to come back to throwing my pearls to you guys.

  30. “Blessed is the pig-Maker …”

  31. Alistair says:

    The religious folk thought I was pretty unclean, too …

  32. Aaron says:

    Now. To make a point, I’m gonna need y’all to go for a little swim.

  33. Autumn Calvert says:

    You guys remind me of some people I know.

  34. Jeff Spencer says:

    Blue lives matter.
    (No, that’s not serious. That’s a bad joke).
    Real entry: You guys, please DON’T joke jump in a lake. Okay?

  35. catherine Riches says:

    You know I am Jewish right?

  36. “I got you, Babe!”

  37. Nick Gypps says:

    They performed his signs among them and miracles in the land of Ham…

  38. Phil Wyman says:

    I have some exciting news! By the 21st century, you guys will be the mascots for American politics.

  39. Karen Gritter says:

    Turns out that pearls before swine isn’t such a bad idea after all….

  40. Jeni Ananda says:

    So what I told them was, “If you run squealing off the cliff it will be hilarious & I’ll see you all in Paradise.”

  41. Alison Morais says:

    Yes it is true, I have come to save your bacon

  42. chris robinson says:

    “Swine be the glory…

  43. Sabio Lantz says:

    OK, gather around please!
    I just need this one photo shoot
    for Liberal Christians
    they love their sweet Jesus myth.
    Then I promise: I won’t liken you to damned Goya again.

  44. Kris Erickson says:

    Guys, guys, I’m sorry I had to send you down that bank, but yes, you are my creatures and I still love you.

  45. Beverly straight says:

    I’ve got some bad news.

  46. Congratulations David Horton! You’re the winner with “Sorry guys, but bacon’s back on the menu!”

    I’ll need your mailing address so I can send you a print of the finished cartoon.

    Thanks for playing everyone!