2nd nakedpastor cartoon caption contest

"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW" cartoon by nakedpastor and Mike"

“CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” cartoon by nakedpastor and Mike”

Let’s have fun again! The last contest was a riot!

Provide a caption for this cartoon.

The winner gets a fine art reproduction print of the completed cartoon, signed, sealed, and delivered to their door! A joint effort between the nakedpastor and the winner! Something you can hang up and brag about.

All you need to do is 2 things!

1. Leave a comment here on my blog with your caption. (ONE ENTRY ONLY!)
2. Sign up for my emails. (If you do, you also get a free e-book, “The Stages of Deconstruction”.)

That’s it!

I’ll post the winner tomorrow morning here with the completed cartoon.


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42 Responses

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Dad just won’t reply to any of my texts.

  2. Daniel Miller says:

    Jesus phubs.

  3. David Waters says:

    “I’m creating a new app that translates Bible versus into what they ‘really’ mean!”

  4. Nick Gypps says:

    He’s got the whole world, in his hands.

  5. karl graff says:

    Hey! There’s no headphone jack! That’s the unforgivable sin!

  6. “Now Jesus, apples aren’t safe until you can sit up on your own”

  7. Adam Julians says:

    Mum – does producing “fruit of the Spirit” include giving me an iphone


    When am I getting my mac.

  8. Pat Green says:

    Information Age:
    *But the Baby Jesus said to the woman, ‘You will not die; for God knows that when you take of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”*

  9. Searainya Bond-Frojen says:

    WhatsApp, Mom?!

  10. Erin Green says:

    THANK God, mom. At first I was like, “Frankincense and myrrh… You’re kidding, right?”

  11. Biolans Equal Ground says:

    Let’s take a selfie, girlfraaaaaaaannnn!!!!!

  12. Lynn says:

    That Adam and Eve franchise sure has taken off!

  13. Bill Salyers says:

    Son, the halos improve all signals!

  14. Joel Ealy says:

    *swipes right*, *swipes right*, *swipes right*, *swipes right*, *swipes right*…

  15. Caption for this cartoon: “Fullness of Time, AD 2016”

  16. Paco LM says:

    “No mom, it’s called selfie, not selfish. And it’s not idolatry, nothing like that golden calf thing though.”

  17. Runningerins says:

    Mom! God just followed me on Twitter!!!

  18. Candace says:

    Now I can Facetime with my real dad!

  19. It’s OK mom. Herod and his goons don’t follow me on Instagram – they won’t see this.

  20. Gwen C says:

    “Humans are brilliant!”

  21. Mike says:

    Can you hear me now?

  22. ttm says:

    “Woman, how does your concern affect me? IM that I Am.”

  23. Gary says:

    It doesn’t LOOK like an apple. Who would be tempted by this?

  24. ERG says:

    I was just “poked” by Satan on Facebook

  25. Tom wallek says:

    John’s continuous rants…..
    are going to get him blocked by everyone. And…. his Yelp rating is 0.
    To bad…. “seeker friendly” might have been a safer strategy.

  26. Doug says:

    I wonder what the @nakedpastor is up to. How long before @TheTweetofGod follows me? I should take a #selfie.

  27. Kristin says:

    Can’t I have a REAL apple instead?

  28. Javon says:

    “Hold on…Let me type AMEN first otherwise we’re all gonna die!”

  29. David Albright says:

    I need to rethink my strategy. Apparently, people arn’t fully grasping the “Follow me. #fishersofmen” concept. I’m getting lots of photos of cats and sea bass.

  30. unknown says:


  31. 1st Christmas: Eve Apple byte deleted as bad theology.

  32. Adam says:

    You’re the apple of my eye!

  33. devin bouchelle says:

    And the fourth wise man gave him eve’s old cell phone.

  34. kris799 says:

    Why did dad tell Adam and Eve not to stay away from the Apple? They are awesome!

    *note: I know it was not really an Apple in the creation story.

  35. Matt Jones says:

    The first temptation.

  36. Andrea Sorenson says:

    Even with my selfies, many people still won’t believe…

  37. “And with the birth of Jesus, Mary was blessed with immaculate reception.”

  38. Geez, mom, really? A 4s? You couldn’t pop for a 6?

  39. Gordon Lingard says:

    Herod just unfriended me!

  40. Wow this was a tough one. Not just for you coming up with a caption, but for me to judge which one was the best. After mulling it over and asking others their opinions, we came up with the favorite. We all liked the fact that his father wasn’t answering his texts. We liked Satan poking Jesus. We liked the Immaculate Reception. We liked the apple, Eve, and temptation theme. But the winner is Mike with “Can you hear me now?”… a simple and clever and funny take on the Verizon Wireless commercials. Thanks Mike! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send you a print of this cartoon with your caption. Email your address to haywardart at gmail dot com.

  41. Adam Julians says:

    Congratulations Mike!

  42. Kirk Moore says:

    Introducing the new iCon