the sin of shopping

"Sin of Shopping" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Sin of Shopping” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Is shopping a sin?

In and of itself… of course not. Unless you carry it this far and slip into the idolatrous position of worshipping your shopping cart.

Therefore… and this is a lesson I’ve had to learn… selling is not a sin either. In and of itself.

SO… that being said… wanna buy some art? My prices are reduced and I have some great stuff available, like this cartoon “The Sin of Shopping“. SHOP NOW!


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15 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    Yes… the long arguments and discussions about shopping… but only when it offends.

    I recall having some of these discussions with friends years ago, sitting in Starbucks with $3 coffees in our hands, and deriding anyone involved in any form of spiritual endeavor who may make a profit.

    As I adjusted my China-silk tie (back then, I wore ties) – sold at the mall for considerable profit; and as I kept my Egyptian cotton shirt clean of crumbs (sold at a major clothing store for additional profit) – I waxed eloquent.

    ‘Surely Jesus told all ministers to give up all income… if you are in the ‘ministry’ you should have only free will offerings….’

    And on and on.

    I did not worship profit (or shopping)… but I always (back then) made sure the ministers stayed in the outer court of the temple of profit.

    After all, they were ‘unclean’ and I was ‘clean’. I could go into the inner court of profit/shopping at any time… but not ‘them’.

    And then years later, I was teaching business in a Christian College (adjunct faculty)… and had finally studied the Bible on income… it was far more complex than I had thought… and much more fair.

    Good luck with the sale of your art! It is beautiful!

    It is ‘hard work’ that should yield a profit.

    You are a blessing to many!

  2. Thanks so much Caryn! I love your stories.

  3. Bernardo says:

    And for added details on shopping cart art go to And yet again, Merry Mythmas to all.

  4. You mean you’re not going to deny the existence of the shopping cart Bernardo 😉
    Happy holidays to you too.

  5. Bernardo says:

    Some Shopping Cart “Theology”: Without said shopping carts, the world would tank in a severe economic depression: (not to worry as noted today from the crowds at Costco and the 1000 shopping carts filled with food, paper products. toys, clothes, electronics, pharmaceuticals and flowers, all in preparation for a Merry Mythmas) 🙂

  6. you like the word mythmas don’t you?!

  7. Bernardo says:

    Mythmas embodies the reality of the Xmas legends. It is not new. There is even a YouTube presentation on said word.. Enjoy!!

  8. Adam Julians says:

    And merry Bernardo myth. I don’t see any evidence for Bernardo existing so he must be a myth.

    I can identify with essence of where you are coming from Caryn. Sitting in my ivory tower at college, having all the information to hand for grateful admirers to receive from my superiour position to impart or so I thought at the time. Problem was I put lecturers on a pedestal and expected the same from “ordinary ” congregants.

    Doesn’t work that way though does it? I found it a helpful reminder that leaders have followers otherwise they are just going for a walk.

    So whether it is giving more importance to shopping, or one’s ego than is good , a couple of instances of how one can go off track from what is healthy?

  9. Bernardo says:

    Fortunately, Bernardo will always be found in the net “clouds”. So he will always exist.

  10. Adam Julians says:

    That’s the kind of thing with existence that people sometimes say about myths.

    Bernardo “will always be found in the net clouds” therefore he exists. The Norse god Loki exists in the from of a salmon, mare, seal, fly, even an old woman called Þökk therofore he exists.

    Loki is a myth therefore Bernardo is a myth.

    Merry Christmas everyone with celebration of what is true and freeing.

  11. Bernardo says:

    But Loki was created by superstitions. Bernardo creates his own observations based on extensive reading and rational conclusions and therefore exists.

  12. Adam Julians says:

    The logic of that argument can be as easily refuted as the logic in your last argument for obvious reasons.

    The burden of proof is on the the one making the argument. Therefore the existence of Bernardo has not been proven.

    Based on that and your reasoning of what constitutes a myth, Bernardo is a myth by rational conclusion.

  13. Bernardo: You know that the Cartesian model has pretty much been debunked. Right?

  14. Bernardo says:

    Substance dualism anyone? ” I think therefore I am!” so said the man of x, y and z’s.

  15. Latesha says:

    That’s a smart answer to a diuficflt question.