unfaithful pastors: at least they’re not gay or atheist

"A Pastor's Confession" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward
“A Pastor’s Confession” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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The word out is that over 400 pastors and church leaders are resigning tomorrow because the fact that they had accounts on Ashley Madison, the infidelity website, was been exposed.

I’m not throwing stones here. Adultery happens. A lot. Unfaithfulness and infidelity is popular. It can happen to anyone. What interests me is how we deal with it.

I have drawn several cartoons around this whole hack. It’s a fascinating study in human nature. And it just seems to be getting weirder and weirder. Like, for example, the fact that the membership was almost all men and the few women accounts, in comparison, were fake or dormant. Or that men paid and women didn’t. Men were either flirting amongst themselves or with Ashley Madison staff. Or with women in the business of providing online encounters. And so on.

This cartoon, though, addresses another issue altogether: the equating of identity with “sin”. I bet many of these pastors who have A.M. accounts will repent, get restored, and resume their lives.

Good luck if you come out as a gay person or a person who questions orthodox beliefs. In fact, that’s the subject of another cartoon. The truth is, many pastors are gay or atheist, etcetera, and are closeted. They wouldn’t dare come out because of the consequences. It is real, just concealed.

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6 Replies to “unfaithful pastors: at least they’re not gay or atheist”

  1. Then there are these pastors: (the same ones that are blaming god for the SBC layoffs)

    From: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1855948_1861760_1862212,00.html#ixzz0jg0lEyZj

    “Facing calls to curb child sex abuse within its churches, in June the Southern Baptist Convention — the largest U.S. religious body after the Catholic Church — urged local hiring committees to conduct federal background checks but rejected a proposal to create a central database of staff and clergy who have been either convicted of or indicted on charges of molesting minors. The SBC decided against such a database in part because its principle of local autonomy means it cannot compel individual churches to report any information. And while the headlines regarding churches and pedophilia remain largely focused on Catholic parishes, the lack of hierarchical structure and systematized record-keeping in most Protestant churches makes it harder not only for church leaders to impose standards, but for interested parties to track allegations of abuse. “

  2. The sense of ‘loyalty’ to a pastor can cause some amazing logic….. and the need for a superior-human in charge can be equal to the need for an anchor in a changing world.

    “At least he is not….” is, imo, a form of emotional preservation as congregants realize the super-man is only a man.

  3. David, SEX is a very POWERFUL emotion. Once you accept that everything else starts to fall into place.

    I know it ‘should be religion and god’ etc but I have to say that sex trumps both of them. Particularly at an early age.

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