we are ones in the spirit

"Ones in the Spirit" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Ones in the Spirit” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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I was dozing off to sleep last night in my bed when this image popped into my mind, and the song. Of course, I had to wake myself back up, get up, and jot down the idea in case I forgot it by morning. That’s happened before.

The life of a cartoonist.

Some might say, “You should’ve just gone back to sleep!”

When I use the word ‘spirit’, I am not thinking exclusively about the pentecostal or even Christian idea of that word, but inclusively referring to a kind of Hegelian idea of world spirit where objective reality is its product.

Even though we appear different we are essentially all ones. A bunch of ones. One big one.

I like this cartoon because I think it expresses what is true… the unity in diversity of all things.

I run an online community called The Lasting Supper. It’s very diverse, and we work hard to manifest this unity. Join us.



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2 Responses

  1. Caryn LeMur says:

    Awwww, David Hayward… this just brought back memories of being a teen/early 20’s. We use to sing that song 40 years ago.

    All I could do was smile. Life was simple then. Oh, it is simpler now… I just had to expand my sense of God’s hugeness to include others… simple.

    Blessings! Caryn

  2. Ducatihero says:

    Thank you David – I wasn’t aware of Hegel before you mentioned him. It’s been interesting reading up about him.

    So, in applying Hegelism, what I understand is that it starts with freedom to do anything, not feeling any need to restrain any thought feeling or act. It continues with surrendering this freedom for restraint or what Hegel considers to be the tyranny, of civilization and law. Then, under the rule of law, there comes freedom in a higher and a fuller sense than before, the liberty to do, say, and think many things beyond the power of the original freedom.

    It’s an interesting thesis – of course it depends on who is making such law and dictators inevitably want freedom for themselves at the cost of slavery for others. Of course we see this dynamic in churches and other situations, in fact any gathering where people are with inevitable politics that follow.

    So – unity with whomever makes the law. I think I would rather have an all benevolent, powerful, loving God that serves humanity then any human ultimately imposing their law over me. so for me it’s not about unity in spirit but in the Spirit of Unity, but that’s just me.