the deadly ends of fundamentalism

"fundaMENTAList" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“fundaMENTAList” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

To be clear, what I mean by this cartoon is what Stephen Fry means in his post, You Must Mock… as in the shooters’ actions were an expression of stupidity.

Or as the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said, the attacks show “clear flaws in intelligence.” 

Or as Slavoj Žižek says, “Now, when we are all in a state of shock after the killing spree in the Charlie Hebdo offices, it is the right moment to gather the courage to think.”


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6 Responses

  1. esbee says:

    When one sees what radical Muslims do today they often compare it to what they know about the events in the Old Testament and then brand Christians as doing the same. What they fail to realize is that the Old Testament is a history of the Israelites, later known as the Jews. The mindset back then towards life and death was very similar to the mindset of radical Muslims today and God dealt with them in the way of their mindset. Christianity came as an offshoot of Judaism when the Jews, as a whole, rejected the message of salvation brought to them by Jesus.

    As a Christian, though I do not like it that God told His people to slaughter whole villiages, I was not alive back then and can only trust that God knew what he was doing in the way of dealing with people of the times. Funny that unbelievers today will quote verse after verse of law and events from the OT about killing for their reasons as why they reject Christianity or any religion, yet totally ignore the modern day mass killings of innocents by atheistic leaders of the 20th century that killed millions upon millions. The other irony is that they say they do not believe what is written in the bible yet they use those texts that they do not believe as a basis for why they do not believe Christianity. What they do not realize is that God tells the truth about His people, the good, bad and ugly. Nothing is hidden. Had it been hidden and later found the same people decrying all the murder, rape, etc in the bible would have claimed— “I cannot believe in a God who hides the bad things his people did and only tells the good things.”

  2. esbee says:

    p.s. I am listening to one of your youtube presentations as I write this and I love your humor “great -you have become a Christian and now here is this box which you can never think outside of again” and that you want the right to ask questions. Take it from one who was born outside the box and always asked questions, I find that God freed me from religion when I got saved but the church people kept trying to put me back in the box, where I found myself very unhappy. Below are the list of “sins” I was accused by others (and myself).

    1. wearing pants all the time and riding horses (rode my horse to church one time and my husband was called in before the pastor who asked “what is WRONG with your wayward wife?”)
    2. having lots of cats and dogs and horses, some in the house, no less!
    3. keeping a less than perfect house, messy in fact, art and cats everywhere
    4. daring to question my husband and not bow to his every wish
    5. not wanting children
    6. speaking my mind in church (asking questions)

    God finally told me my sin was lack of faith, not living the life he gave me in faith and not living the personality he gave me in faith. Notice though that none of what I listed are actual sins as listed in the bible. God does give a list of sins in many places through out the Bible.

    Yes, leaving the church does not mean leaving God. We have not attended church in years. Too much drama, and ironically there are cowboy churches popping up all over Texas, where I live.

    I think when you said you were done you were tired, mentally and emotionally. You were drained by too many people feeding off you and depending on you for their weekly shot of religiosity instead of searching the word for what God is telling them to do that week.

    Christ does indeed love as we are but like the woman taken in sin and ready to be stoned by all the others who have judged us but no one had the right to stone her except Jesus and He chose not to but did tell her to go and sin no more. (That one specific sin not lead a perfect life from then on!)

  3. kris799 says:

    I love the last paragraph of Fry’s post. If people are so assured of their faith and where they will go after they die, then why get so defensive when it is criticized and why work so hard to convince others to believe the same way? The truth is the Christians love to claim to be “persecuted”, and like any other group, believe it helps their cause.

  4. True Kris799. I thought it was an honest post. I can see where people might disagree, but it was an outpouring of honesty.

  5. Thanks esbee for sharing your story. Being judged for just being you… not fair! But it happens all the time, doesn’t it?

  6. Ñull says:

    esbee talks about the old-testament mindset about live and death. I would say even in the west we are bunch of hipocrites (atheists and religious alike). We say we respect life and equal rights etc. But was there any protest in the street about the thousands of death in Nigeria? What would the grieving family members field when little or no street slogan was dedicated to them. Also in terms of news coverage and images, what I saw in the news reports was really poor. Apparently in the stock market of life Africans value less. Slavery apparently has not ended yet.