What Kirk Cameron wants us to believe

"Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

No I haven’t watched the whole movie. No I don’t want to.

If someone should suggest that I shouldn’t form an opinion on Kirk Cameron’s film Saving Christmas without seeing it, I would counter with I can form an opinion on poison before swallowing it.

I’ve seen some of Cameron’s films before. And his interviews. And his videos.

Now he’s begging his fans to go to his film’s putrid review on Rotten Tomatoes  to pump his film with positive reviews. Not working.

Here’s what he wants us to believe:

  1. I’m a celebrity, so you should believe me. Put all your rational thinking aside. Forget your hunches. Do not trust your intellect. Instead, trust me because I’m popular. For example, Christmas trees don’t have roots in pagan religion because trees are found in Genesis and Jesus was crucified on wood, therefore Christmas trees are okay. Also, God materialized in Jesus on Christmas, therefore unabashed materialism is a good thing. Unfortunately, this is one of the greatest dangers in any religion, and Christianity is not immune to it. The celebrity culture is thorough, and even seeps into how we do religion.
  2. We live in an us-versus-them world. Cameron wants to promote the notion that we are a group under siege and that we must by all means possible protect and proliferate our ideas. He wants us to believe that Christianity is special. He wants us to draw lines in the sand that separate us from one another and perpetuate the illusion that we are divided. Of course, his ideas do just that: divide us.
  3. The message and the medium doesn’t matter. One of the severest criticisms of the film is that it is just badly done. It’s 80 minutes of thrown together filler. Apparently it doesn’t matter how silly or stupid the message is and it doesn’t matter how poor and ugly the medium is. But because it’s our message and medium, promote it anyway. Bad words and bad art aren’t the point. But because they are our words and art we will inflict them on others nevertheless… on Christians to build a kind of border patrol for our ghetto and to unbelievers to either prove them wrong or convert them over.

I don’t believe him.


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12 Responses

  1. Alpha Lim says:

    Your Holy Ghost always cracks me up!

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome post

  3. EricW says:

    Beowulf (2007) was the last good Christian film I saw. Maybe one other since then, but I don’t recall it offhand.

  4. Scott says:

    Wow! Would you rather see a film on a gay pride event with men showing their hairy arises wearing leathers and rainbows? Or a documentary on the importance of passing out condoms to 10 year olds or supporting do whatever the hell you want, because it’s a kum-ba-ya world and we just need to get along and tolerate each other? “He is not against us is for us.” I thought this would be a great website, but after reading that article, you’re just another “let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings” guy promoting your own agenda.

  5. Scott says:

    Pardon my misspelling of my quote. Cameron isn’t my cup of tea either but at least he’s not promulgating pure evil. What’s wrong with materialism, if you give it away. If you have no materials (products or possessions) what do you have to give?

  6. Caryn LeMur says:

    Scott: Are you really saying that all Kirk can offer is bad Christian movies or movies of “men with their hairy asses wearing leather”?

    Your statement is an amazing false dichotomy… but then again… ok, maybe that is all Kirk can offer. Maybe you are right, and I am wrong.

    I hold out greater hope for Kirk… maybe like an action movie with killer tomatoes…. or satire…. like you are reading in my last sentence….


  7. Reason 1 is right off the bat an appeal to one’s own claim of authority … a dangerous argument if ever.
    Reason 2 is Cameron establishing a false dilemma.
    Reason 3 is just a piss poor excuse on his part to try and remind us that he worked with Alan Thicke and thus is somehow still an artist.

    Even Thicke has better gigs, and he was made more prominent on the clip show “World’s Dumbest”

  8. Jarred H says:

    Hey, don’t knock men, leather, or hairy asses. 😉

    Seriously, the things that people declare evil often make me wonder about their priorities.

  9. LessThanLucid says:

    From the sound of it, I would watch it.
    For all of the wrong reasons.

    Apparently, it is a film all about Mr. Cameron’s JUSTIFICATION for materialism and greed, as they are ultimately from (his) god. Thus it is OK for Christians to celebrate a modern gift-giving holyday. ‘Cause presents. Oh, and violent serial-killer Saint Nicolas proves the meaning of the season by defending Christmas and delivering presents. And ends with an 80’s breakdance. Wow. Sounds like an experience.

    At least, that is the message picked up by Brad Jones (swear warning ahoy):

  10. Karen Beaty says:

    Kirk Cameron is only looking for a paycheck.

  11. Mark A says:

    This is 1984 stuff. Kirk Cameron wants to rewrite history and erase the facts of Christmas evolving from pagan celebrations. I’m wondering whether he’s just so stupid that he really believes the crap he’s trying to sell, or if he’s being totally disingenuous.