Celebrating National Coming Out Day with my new LGBTQ cartoon book!

"The Art of Coming Out: Cartoons for the LGBTQ Community"

“The Art of Coming Out: Cartoons for the LGBTQ Community”

Happy National Coming Out Day! To celebrate I’m releasing my brand new book:

CLICK HERE TO BUY –> The Art of Coming Out: Cartoons For the LGBTQ Community! <– YA, CLICK THERE!

There are three chapters with over 100 cartoons spread among them.

  1. Chapter One is called “The Discrimination”.
  2. Chapter Two is called “The Struggle”.
  3. Chapter Three is called “The Affirmation”.

I would be so appreciative if you would share this with all your friends.

Also, if you have family or friends who identify as LGBTQ, this would be a great gift!

It is available on Amazon in paperback as well as Kindle. It is color, of course, and I just want to make sure you’re aware of that.

Thanks so much to all my readers. This book was an honor to create and publish!

I would love your help promoting this book!


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