Here are just a few of the areas where Christians can be really mean!

"Jerks" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Jerks” cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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When Vicky Beeching came out a few weeks ago, she was and still is inundated with hate mail. Even violent hate mail. I forced myself to read a lot of the comments on her blog and her Facebook page. It’s alarming and discouraging.

From Christians!

The same for people who criticize Israel’s ideology and policies.

The same for people who doubt the historicity of, say, creation or the flood.

The same for people who question the church, the bible, or evangelical theology.

The same for people who are angry with popular teachers and churches.

The same for people who advocate for the LGBTQ community.

The same for people who are or support feminists.

The same for…

… the list goes on!

From Christians!

I know. There are people who act like jerks in other religions and among agnostics and atheists, etc. I know. But there’s something disturbingly incongruous when followers of Jesus are hateful.

Thankfully not everyone is like this. Some people really do try to not only believe in love but understand it and practice it.

One of the things I learned in my biblical studies was that, of the virtues listed in the bible, they mostly talk about how to just be a decent human being. Nothing fancy. Just a decent human being.

Maybe not easy. But it is simple!

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10 Responses

  1. I realize I am a firebrand and a jerk many times, but it’s rarely, if ever, hate, especially the hate that I’ve had to witness and put up with from my own family. “It’s just what we believe.” “It’s just what the Bible says”

  2. Lea says:

    Yes, I am with Cecilia. I am tired of hearing “It’s just what the Bible says.”

    And what I most object to is NOT that someone is quoting the Bible at me, but that the individual’s (or group’s) interpretation of the Bible is not up for discussion – since anyone who reads the Bible differently must not love God or have a good sense of reason (and/or faith). Anyone who understands the Bible differently is inherently untrustworthy, having been led astray already.

    No staunch guardian of the Bible seems to ever think they may have been the one led astray, already.

  3. Melita says:

    I was told just yesterday (in response to a gay rights video I posted on FB) by a former church acquaintance (and now former FB friend) that I should be ashamed, I am hurting Jesus, i am lost and my behaviour is demonic.
    What really surprised me was how I was not hurt or upset at all by the comments. I tried to explain myself tactfully, gracefully and honestly but the guy did not receive a word I wrote. He responded exactly as the church had taught… with bigotry and exclusion. All I feel is sadness that when he meets God he’ll see how much of his life (zoe) was wasted fighting for the wrong cause.

  4. Good for you Melita!

  5. Jesus Christ says:

    Melita, I’m going to smite the bastard who was rude to you over your gay rights video with the worst case of hemorrhoids that have ever popped out of a human butthole!!!

    I looooove the gays!!!!

    It’s Christians that tend to be ignorant bastards.

    —–Jesus Christ, aka the Savior of Humankind

  6. Tim says:

    Everyone can be a jerk, and everyone can act quite decently. I hate it when I’m a jerk, but I also love that Jesus loves me even in those moments.

  7. Generally, when we want to be jerks, we go to the story of the cleansing of the temple. Oh, sure, that’s not what Jesus was doing. But it’s amazing how often that one surfaces when we’re looking for an excuse to lay in to people.

  8. kris799 says:

    Brian Fisher of the American Family Association wrote an article on how Christians being nice is not working….so yeah Jerks for Jesus is very real. Anyone spreading the Gospel gets a pass on their behavior.

  9. Veronica says:

    “History repeats itself.”

  10. Chris Andres says:

    Y’know, as a thrice married Catholic, my father was maybe not the theological whizz (whiz?) some of you are. One thing he said that has stuck with me though, is, ” You know there are some sections of heaven that will be walled off to you and me because all these people want to think they are the only ones up there.” So to those who want to be “among the few,” you probably will be. That does not mean that Our love for G-d and each other will keep Us out, only that those who live by their judgement will, inevitably, be given an eternity (or a few lifetimes) to be judged accordingly.