Look who I caught this church hanging out with!

"Slow Friends" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

“Slow Friends” (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward)

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This isn’t a criticism. I’m just pointing something out.

I think most people would agree that the church does not represent revolution, but conservation.

Jesus was a revolutionary. He wasn’t a conservator.

I would say the same thing about the earliest church.

But it’s changed. Sloths have always been slow. Snails have always been slow. Turtles have always been slow. The church? No. There have been times in history when the church shows incredible courage and speed in progress. But most of the time… not!

This is the danger of institutions. Like Berkowski said,

“As the spirit wanes, the form appears.”

Even though the church can hang out with these friends, I don’t think it really belongs here.


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7 Responses

  1. cecilia davidson says:

    Institutions are historically slow, sadly. The people are quicker, but it takes a ridiculous amount of time to get an institution or population to change its opinions.

  2. Pat Pope says:

    And some would say, in defense, that “slow and steady wins the race”. ‘Course, when you’re talking about things that require speed, that won’t cut it. Churches (as well as businesses) need to learn how to be nimble and respond quickly as needed. To quote scripture, “There is a time for everything”.

    On the other hand, there is a Slow Church movement. Here’s a description of the Slow Church book by Christopher Smith and others:

    “Fast food. Fast cars. Fast and furious. Fast forward. Fast . . . church? The church is often idealized (or demonized) as the last bastion of a bygone era, dragging our feet as we’re pulled into new moralities and new spiritualities. We guard our doctrine and our piety with great vigilance. But we often fail to notice how quickly we’re capitulating, in the structures and practices of our churches, to a culture of unreflective speed, dehumanizing efficiency and dis-integrating isolationism. In the beginning, the church ate together, traveled together and shared in all facets of life. Centered as they were on Jesus, these seemingly mundane activities took on their own significance in the mission of God. In Slow Church, Chris Smith and John Pattison invite us to leave franchise faith behind and enter into the ecology, economy and ethics of the kingdom of God, where people know each other well and love one another as Christ loved the church.”

  3. Robin says:

    it could be worse…Church could be hanging out with the extinct dinosaurs…

  4. George Hartwell says:

    It is convenient but confusing to call ‘the church’ the institution that does so much to destroy the truth about Jesus and the Father and so refuses to listen to the Holy Spirit. Leave, come out form this apostasy. And then find the church. Find what Jesus is doing. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to you. Definitely get out, take some deep breath, deprogram and start fresh with Jesus.

  5. Robin

    Perhaps that is where church should be…just saying. 🙂 Hell, dinosaurs are cool, maybe if church was extinct then it too would be cool.

    @ David

    Why does the church look stoned? Did these guys all just smoke a fatty or what? 🙂 Maybe this is why they are slow?

  6. stoned, unmotivated… same thing

  7. Steve Simms says:

    And those guys are so passive! Passivity had no place in the early church. According to 1 Corinthians 14:26, worship was fully participatory and anybody present in a meeting could show and tell what God was doing in their life.