happy father’s day to two father families

two father family cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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There are a lot of studies giving strong evidence that children of same-sex parents grow up well-adjusted and healthy. In fact, some studies argue that their childhoods are more positive. I’m not going to link any because there are too many to choose from. You can google it though.

I can hear the arguments of some though: Just because they’re happy does not make them right. Just because the child grows up into a well-adjusted adult doesn’t excuse the sin that got him there. Enjoying sin for a moment doesn’t justify a lifetime of it. Satan has blinded them to their sin and given them a false happiness. Like a frog slowly boiling to death in hot water, they’ve just gotten used to their sin in a sinful culture and will die. God is kind and waiting for them to repent, but at some point his patience is going to run out and then they will see the truth. So on and so on.

I just want to turn away from all that right now and say to families with same-sex parents: Happy Father’s Day! Cheers!

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15 Replies to “happy father’s day to two father families”

  1. I love your work so much David! Here’s a crazy suggestion: make it “Happy Fathers’ Day” instead of “Happy Father’s Day” … 😉

  2. damn!! you know, I thought of that, but then i decided i would stick with convention. but you’re right. i should have. too late now. thanks karl.

  3. Screw the kids!

    Kids don’t need a mom and a dad. Women don’t have anything different to offer to a child than do men.

    Men don’t have anything different to offer to a child than do women. God does not know what He’s doing.

    We know better and we wan what we want! Hooray for our selfishness!

  4. I ‘ve been in lay ministry for 40 years, and have dealt with many children from homes with a mother and father, who are messed up big time. If that was the answer like your trying to make it out to be, there should be few problems from heterosexual homes, my experience is most of the problems come from those homes.The problem isn’t same sex parents it’s something very different. Here is a story about a young man in my area who came from a upper middle class home, mother and father married, never divorced. He graduated High School, played sports, and everyone saw him as a normal kid. Had the support of his parents and grandparents. read his story here.


  5. People need to deal with the realities of families that don’t look like the traditional family. Well done, David!

  6. The same arguments were made about interracial couples. Many people criticized my parents as an interracial couple saying their kids were going to be messed up. I am a semi-normal LOL!

  7. I guess it was good that my mom had a father that sexually abused her and beat her brothers and mom….at least she had a mom and dad!

  8. A gay man would never do such a thing! Except for my Uncle’s boyfriend….but that’s beside the point.

  9. But a two father family would be a patriarchy, and as a naked pastor you’re against organized churches!

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