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20 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Wow, so very true. What a revelation you’ve drawn from this comparison!

  2. Kris says:

    Yup, Jesus is big business.

  3. Steve Martin says:


    We ARE opposed to Jesus ans His teachings and His demands of us!

    The good news…the really good news…is that He loves and forgives us anyway.

  4. Keith DR says:

    Hmmm. Maybe. But I don’t think of Judas as having it all together enough to be fundamentally either simply opposed to or aligned with Jesus.
    It’s in a way a more tragic story if you understand Judas at even his deepest level to be as aligned with as opposed to Jesus as he took the fateful opposing action.
    His response to his own action doesn’t look like the response of someone who had acted in accord with his own most fundamental values and only against what was more on the surface.

  5. nakedpastor says:

    You don’t think some people commit suicide because they despise and despair over something fundamental about themselves?

  6. David M says:

    Thought that came after seeing this comic (along with the comments): I wonder if Peter ever wanted to commit suicide after betraying Jesus. Granted, there is no mention of this, but with all of the conjecture about why Judas decided to do it, I wonder if people ever consider the grief that must have taken over Peter’s heart…

    I’ve seen your comics a lot over the past few months, but I’m bookmarking now. Here’s to the Truth.

  7. Carol says:

    We rarely recognize our own “sins against charity”–the times when we pursue our own legitimate interests and desires at the expense of others and often cannot even discern whether our desires are legitimate or disordered.

    That is why conversion of mind, beginning to “see as God sees,” must accompany conversion of heart/passions and will. Conversion of will is usually the most difficult because we are biologically hot-wired to seek advantage over others as the fundamental survival strategy.

    Human spirituality, when it is not infused with Grace, is disordered, fear-driven rather than love-inspired.

    It is Law-centered, rather than Christ-centered. It is wise to avoid affiliation with any religious community that emphasizes the Decalogue rather than the Beatitudes and if you are pressured for sex or money, run as if escaping hell, because you are!

  8. PhyshBourne says:

    why does jesus look on so many pictures like a hippie – why can’t people draw him like an ancient jew?
    just askin’…

  9. nakedpastor says:

    So do ancient Jews look different than modern ones?

  10. PrayerPunk says:

    So put a hippie in a yamaka and he’s and ancient Jew? Good to know!

  11. PhyshBourne says:

    you mean: ?????????

  12. Curtis says:

    That’s the same guy after a good shampoo and blow-dry.

  13. PhyshBourne says:

    point is:
    jesus was no w.a.s.p.…

  14. Carol says:

    In the late 70’s, early 80’s my son and I attend the Jews for Jesus Liberated Wailing Wall concerts whenever they sang at the local EP Church.

    I could not find the song I was searching for–I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Gentile; but I found a lot of other LWW songs online:

  15. Brigitte says:

    Like selling indulgences for forgiveness of sins? Like subjugating the infidel by the sword or exacting higher taxes? Like telling the poor and untouchables that they have bad karma and that they should settle down and aspire to nothing because they belong in their station? Like selling the Lord of Life for money or the acceptance of men? Like trading the Lord of Life for any of my pleasures or felt needs?…

  16. Keith DR says:

    Yes, I do think some people commit suicide because they despise and despair over something fundamental about themselves. But when they do this, I suspect it is due to some opposed tendency in them, also fundamental.

  17. Carol says:

    Some people committ suicide because they have lost hope of finding a way out of an unbearably painful circumstance.

    It has been said that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”; but not all problems feel temporary and not all problems are temporary–the suffering, psychological as well as physical, in many end stage diseases comes to mind.

    I have done elder care and it is rare, but I have been asked to assist in suicides. My response was, “Not my job spec, it’s between you and the Lord.” I personally believe if anyone asks for assistence in this matter there is ambibalence. The person does not really wand to die, s/he simply doesn’t want to go on living under the present circumstances and toward the end of life the loss of independence and control over one’s own life is irreversable. Death becomes the lesser evil. Control freaks are terrible patients!

    Sometimes suicide is an act of love. The person whose physical strength is declining does not want to become a burden on loved ones.

    Each death, like every other major personal experience is unique even though there may be some similarities.

    “Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” –Martin Luther

  18. Sabio Lantz says:

    I agree with Curtis and PhyshBorne: Many Christians have a namby-pamby lovey-dovey Jesus as their favorite pet savior. The pictures most use reinforce this lamb cuddling god.

    On a second note: The writers of the gospels had fun with the Judas figure in their story — poor guy. But he has made for many fiery sermons and lots of tithes. Judas keeps on giving.