God Nursing

God Nursing cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

“God Nursing” (ink on paper, 8″x8″)

I love the challenge of expressing in one frame difficult theological questions.

Like this one: If Jesus is God, how early dawned his self-awareness?

But let’s make it personal: How aware of you, at your age, of your own divinity?

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12 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m mostly only aware of it when I’m nursing my babies. 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    Love the cartoon!

    I’ve often wondered what it was like for Mary to be introducing Jesus, as a human, to the world which he, as part of the Creator God, had made.

    Mary: “Look – those are STARS. Can you say STARS? Look how they sparkle!”

    Jesus’ Internal Monologue Because He Can’t Actually Talk Yet: “I know. I thought them up. Cool, aren’t they?”

  3. Jan says:

    “Mary Did You Know” still makes me cry. It was especially powerful when I was a nursing Momma.

  4. franklee says:

    The cartoon of Jesus nursing… The comment threw me a little. Are you suggesting that we have divinity and should have understanding of it, equating to Jesus? I am trying to understand your theology statenent. You are right.. it must be hard to express in one frame.

  5. Gary says:

    Strikes a chord with me too Jan.

    For many years in a large church production of an Easter drama I played the part of Christ through a long and drawn out (50 minutes) crucifixion scene. (We had two Jesus’ due to the extensive makeup for the crucifixion scenes) It was all very elaborate with me dragging the cross right in front of the audience and the soldiers whipping and yelling at me to live performance of the Via Dolorosa. The actual crucifixion was carried out to Watch The Lamb, complete with a very theatrical nailing sequence and raising the cross and literally letting it drop a foot into a pocket while I screamed in agony. The only words spoken in the 2 hour drama for many years were the words of Christ on the cross. When there were moments of silence the sound of sobbing could always be heard in the crowd.

    But the part that always got to me the most was after the death and thunder and lightning when most had fled in fear. Mary sat quietly at the foot of the cross and cried while a very talented singer sang Mary Did You Know. It often took much steely determination not to cry along with her. The tears were never an act. The performers cried in each others arms backstage following each emotional burial scene bringing the sequence to a close. I believe I counted some 50 performances we did over 8 years to crowds ranging from 500 to 1200. Never once did an actor struggle to find tears.

    I look back on that experience with very mixed emotions. I guess I am glad I did it for it has taught me much about the power of emotional control in a group setting. It was the highest (and most painful) emotional experience the church could provide me. We told our story to many many thousands of souls and many hundred made professions of faith. Yet I know I could never do such a thing again.

    I have not lost my faith. But I have found a change in my faith that makes such dramatic emotional manipulation just seem wrong somehow. I am no longer convinced that that is the story Christ wants us to tell.

  6. Sabio says:

    You will definitely burn for this one!

  7. Kris says:

    I would love to know more about Jesus’ childhood. I think knowing more about his life before he started his ministry would make him more interesting to people and allow us to embrace our humanness.

  8. Jared says:

    I can see it now, because I have an 18 month-old:
    Mary: Dammit, Jesus! I know you’re teething, but quit biting my nipple!
    Jesus: I made these. And, don’t take my name in vain, Mom.

  9. PrayerPunk says:

    Sabio, there’s actually a very old tradition of painting Mary nursing Jesus. It was to show how He recieved His humanity from her, and just to remind us of His humanity. There’s also paintings of Jesus as a child, but with an older mans head to illustrate His wisdom even as a child. These are things people have pondered for centuries.

  10. Caryn LeMur says:

    Gary: thank you for what you wrote.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  11. stephanie B says:

    For me it’s not so important the childhood because I’m sure that it was normal. Other than the cute reference to how interested Jesus was in the law and arguing it having been left at the temple very young….It’s pretty clear that “Jesus” was a thinker. I get that…I have a kid like that actually who was born into the world pursuing “truth…”

    I’m more enamored with Jesus meeting John his cousin for the first time. Here is John on the “lunatic fringe” inviting folks to get prepared for a new way to view things in that Culture…setting the stage…for what?

    Well, we see Jesus making his way down to John as if he himself had some kind of “epiphany….” why wouldn’t he…Jesus was a man. Everything he ever studied…ever questioned or ever asked culminated in a trek down to the water and to John. …and what was a Baptism exactly?

    Well..it symbolized the end of a fast….No more internal “hunger”…it was time to “eat and drink” …”God WITH us…” Even Jesus himself when told by John “I’m not worthy…” to even touch you…Jesus says…”hey…I need this crap to end for me too!” I need the “law” washed off of me just as much as the next guy.

    Jesus humility was obviously the way to go since Daddy God stuck his head out of heaven to say “well done…” I think I hear that myself sometimes….Enlightenment for Jesus came all the way up to the cross and “Father forgive them…” It’s a lifetime …not one specific event…and Jesus as our example…I get that…
    I don’t think Jesus was any smarter than anyone…he just got the “love” ..and “taught the love..”

  12. Sabio Lantz says:

    @ Prayer Punk,
    Yeah, that is great — but look at the look on Mary’s face and Jesus lascivious expressions. I am sure folks have pondered that for centuries.

    In other ancient traditions, people have taken sacred images and played with them.

    I don’t think David is small enough to worry about offending even ancient traditions.

    And he certainly will burn if a large number of Christians and Muslims are right in their view of the divine.

    And a lot of wonder folks with him.

    Hell, you start thinking outside the box and it could happen to you too — beware.