baby Jesus can’t wait

baby jesus can't wait cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

“Baby Jesus Can’t Wait” (ink and pencil crayon, 8″x10″)

There’s a strong thread of threat in the story of Jesus that those in power like to gloss over.

The major theme of the story is to set people free. What’s become of it?

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8 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    Wow – You know I always kind of figured Mary must have has a cute ass. Well done David.

    I am sure you will follow in Jesus footsteps and piss quite a few people off with this one. And no doubt my comment above will piss off many more…grin.

  2. Ciera says:

    Food for thought!

  3. Richard says:

    I cannot believe the crap that continues to pour
    out in your thoughts, sketches and statements.
    It has to be close to a wilfull self destruction.

  4. Gary says:

    Richard you crack me up.

    There’s your first one David. More to follow I am sure…grin.

  5. Richard (not the one above, thank you) says:

    I suppose it depends on perspective. Jesus certainly turned the world of his day askew. But, the answer depends on whether you believe we need freedom from sin or we need freedom to embrace sin. So, whose world today is he trying to shake up. I don’t think he’s into your agenda or mine, but into his own and it becomes our responsibility to discover it. The biggest clue we have is the Bible and it seems to lean against sin, even speaking of the bondage of sin.

    Now, I suppose we have to define, or redefine, sin.

    If I had a guess, I would say he would like to shake us all up, you and me, from both our preconceived and our re-concieved ideas.

    Blessings for a introspective Advent and a joyous Christmas!

  6. PrayerPunk says:

    Jesus and Mary were both rebels. Look at what Mary says, “He has pulled princes off their thrones and lifted up the lowly.” (I love that line.) Jesus turns conventional wisdom upside down. He taught simplicity instead of wealth when it was believed wealth was a sign of God’s blessing. He redefined family in a kinship based culture. We all know He challenged the religious establishment. He was a threat to the political and religious leaders and that is why they killed Him. So many people forget that. They think being a good Christian is just following the rules. If you look at the prophets and saints you see they almost always went against the perceived “rules” or social norms of the day. God is bigger than our petty systems and we as humans want to pigeon hole Him and put Him in a box. So every so often He has to shatter that little illusion. Yeah, Jesus pissed people off, and His real followers have been doing it ever since from Saints Peter and Paul to St. Francis to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  7. amazonfeet says:

    The truth is not always easy to hear, and the self-righteous call it “crap”. David, this is spot on. All that’s being ” willfully destructed” here are the sacred cows so many of the “institutionalized” believe in…A wise woman once said: “The truth will set you free…but first, it will piss you off…” And do I think MLK, Jr. was a saint/bodhisattva? Absolutely…

  8. CollisionofSouls says:

    Such dreadful sin consciousness religious people maintain. They suppose God’s mind is riddle with sin, not justification. To them, it’s like Christ finished nothing at Golgotha, The Place of the Skull. So sad that religion continues to murder Christ at the place of the skull.