Todd Bentley and the UK

todd bentley and the UK cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

This is in reference to yesterday’s story.

Is Todd Bentley my brother? Yes! Am I his? Yes! Do I agree with him? No! Does he agree with me? Probably not, especially after this cartoon.

But I imagine he and his team might actually like the cartoon… like, “Ya! Kick that ol’ UK back to when it believed in God! It does need to be healed!” But the intent of this cartoon is slightly different, as in poking fun at his tactics, such as kicking his patients.

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  1. I’m giggling because you said, “his patients”. That’s actually a cool term to use when bringing healing to the world! (Um, not necessarily TB style…)

  2. Oh David…this has me in stitches. I am relieved that Todd Bentley was blocked from entering the UK and more importantly that he will be unable to dupe people who are are desperately looking for healing.

    It sounds like the government of our country had already decided to deny him entry so the petition against his coming into the country may not have influenced their decision. The outcome is a positive step and I have no problem with the government intervening. It is always a perogative for the government to refuse entry.

  3. If people are actually healed and he is listening to the Holy Spirit to do something, though, we’d have to look at the fruit rather than the action taken. It could have been obedience not unlike the ridiculous and actually law-breaking action that God asked Ezekiel to do (correct me if I have the wrong guy here) by cooking his “Ezekiel Bread” (as advertized today) over human waste. When dealing with prophecy and healing, I prefer to wait for the fruit of what comes out of the act. I could be opposing a God ordained thing that just rubs my intelligence or theological training the wrong way. If God’s still using these tactics with Todd, I won’t oppose it. If that wave is finished and it’s a cerebral clinging to HAS been the way God used him at a certain point in time, we will notice by the evidence… perhaps a lawsuit for faulty medicine (refering to the patient thing). šŸ™‚

  4. I would like to see actual doctors affirmations (unbiased third party) proof of before/after his healing, including follow-ups after 1 year, two years, etc…. frankly the TB thing led me to read the Shack.. go figure… and the Shack is one book I can get behind, as is The Misunderstood God, both resonate with my inner core…

  5. Jeremy / Mike, there is no credible evidence whatsoever that people get healed through Todd Bentley, or any other similar preacher (Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Reinhard Bonnke, etc). When asked, these preachers have never been able to produce any. All they do is use mass hypnosis and other mind tricks to make people think they are healed. But the effects wear off in a matter of hours. It’s all a con, and I’m glad Todd won’t have the chance to exploit people in the UK.

  6. I’m surprised. Surprised because I don’t know this man, or what he does, and don’t even care! And…surprised that you’ve made an editorial comment about his style or tactics or whatever you want to call it.

    It’s been quite awhile for me coming out of the church world, and I’m relieved and glad that I don’t pay much attention to that crap any longer. I consider this lack of attention on my part to indicate that I have been “healed”. Healed of giving a crap what happens in that realm. It’s so unimportant to me.

    Very glad it is. šŸ™‚

  7. @Jeremy: You want to talk about fruit? Todd Bentley cheated on and, subsequently, divorced his wife and married the young(er) woman he cheated on his wife with. (I may be wrong about this, but I think Todd’s current wife used to be his family’s babysitter.) He was involved with/connected to a bunch of ministers who espouse New Apostolic Reformation theology (NAR), which is full of heresies and dangerous teachings. He kicked an elderly woman during a meeting, ffs. That’s not God; that’s ABUSE. (Tons of links.)

    The blog Bene Diction Blogs On has covered Todd Bentley extensively over the last few years as well.

    Todd is a showman, much like Benny Hinn is a showman. He doesn’t have the gift of healing; he’s a huckster, a fraud, someone who needs to be called out.

    Ian is right; it is largely en masse hypnosis and the power of suggestion, not to mention various endorphins at work.

  8. Hi Shelley.

    Yes, I am aware of Todd’s failures in his past. I have a friend who was there when it all happened and who knew both him and his wife and kids. He is not okay with what happens, but admits in the faultiness of our humanity and still believes in the power of Christ to heal. I have more respect for than young man for coming through the disappointment of a mentor’s fall and saying in the end, “I followed the Holy Spirit, not Todd Bentley”.
    My buddy is still ministering here in Moncton and is seeing the fruit of the ministry of Christ here in healing and salvation. Did Christ work through Todd? Christ inspired my friend to minister through Todd’s ministry. When the man fell, Christ carried on. This is the fruit I was trying to state before. Christ’s ministry through Todd. We have to praise God that, if we fail, he will not fail.
    Todd is not my style and his antics do more to offend me than motivate me, but I cannot ignore the fruit of Christ’s ministry through Him in people I ended up hanging out with that would not have come to faith in Christ through my mostly cerebral, jovial and friendship-seeking approach or through other types of evangelism. Some fell away and some continue to seek Christ and I am so proud them and thankful to God.
    Although it may offend me and I am skeptical, I recognize that this quality does not give me the ability to see with clarity and call Bentley or Hinn what I may perceive them to be. I can’t afford to come to a difinitive conclusion about them because I don’t have the clear vision of Christ that is able to divide between what is and what seems to be; to cut to the heart of a man or woman and call them a fraud or the real deal. I am forced to wait for the fruit of Christ’s ministry or the lack therein to be revealed in the long run.

  9. I typed and re-typed, erased and restated… now I read it again and it is full of errors and some verb tenses are not right. I hope you get my drift, though. I hope also that my tone did not come across as “against Dave” or “against Shelley”, nor “pro Todd” necessarily. I am just “pro Christ’s ability to use us fallen creatures” for His kingdom.

  10. As one among many who has spent years researching Todd Bentley’s teachings and methods, I am confident to say that he isn’t a Christian, and won’t be until he is willing to separate from the New Apostolic Reformation, surrender his life to Jesus Christ, and be born again.

    For further information and articles on Todd Bentley and the New Apostolic Reformation, please visit

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Bud Press

  11. I’m still waiting for proof of the 21 people resurrected from the dead. Funny how Todd hasn’t provided any proof of that.

  12. Hi James,

    We will be waiting for a long time for Todd Bentley to provide proof for the resurrections. The total amount he claimed came to 32-33.

    The fact is, there were none–none whatsoever.

    When Bentley claimed the “13th resurrection,” I did a follow-up and contacted funeral homes in Florida and elsewhere. Here is the results:

    God bless,
    Bud Press

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