freebie friday Sophia “steadfast” print

sophia steadfast drawing by nakedpastor david hayward

Back by popular demand! This is one of my first Sophia drawings. I wanted to depict the courage of a young woman to stand up against the impossible and not back down. She feisty! She’s stubborn! She’s steadfast! She’s not moving until she gets what she wants and what she knows she needs.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is:
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Sorry, but I won’t be responding to comments. Don’t take it personally. I appreciate every one of you. But my comments would mess up the draw. Don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear right away. I will approve it at some point. I’m at a conference this weekend and my internet access will be sparse. But I’ll get to you πŸ™‚

That’s it. Only one comment per person. It is a draw. So I will end entries at midnight tonight my time (Atlantic Time… an hour east of Eastern Time). I’ll draw the name tomorrow morning and announce it then.

Good luck! Tell your friends.

Remember, if you can order a print now by just clicking here


54 Replies to “freebie friday Sophia “steadfast” print”

  1. this is such a powerful and beautiful image. Thank you for putting it in my consciousness. I will meditate on it today.

  2. I have commented before a few days back so this is not intended to put me into the draw again.

    One image I have of the church is of a gigantic stubborn bull that won’t move. However, when we walk ahead with a rope through its nose-ring the bull has no option but to follow.

  3. Even at 58 yrs old I identify with Sophia. Thank you for revealing the strength of persistence in such an uplifting drawing.
    Loving your postings.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of all your work David. And you’ve brought it to a whole new level with Sophia! I’d be thrilled to win one of these wisdom laden prints. One day I plan to collect them all! Thanks for representing us ladies with respect, dignity and fortitude!

  5. Never back down
    Never apologize
    Just get it done.

    Agnes McPhail, mother of women’s rights in Canada

  6. This image reminded me of the gracious convo we had on FB last night in regards to my leaving my church after being asked to join the board. One lone little female pushing against all the rest, the people, the institution, the hypocrisy, the cowardice,etc. It kind of makes me teary. I hope one day I can look back on it and feel proud instead.

  7. Would love this for my friend. She is determined not to bend and just go along with things. She really wants answers for herself. Good on you Jilly

  8. I’ve heard the rumblings of the rhino charging after me in rage, even after I left the church. They called me to comeback so they could have a disfellowship hearing. I accommodated them and returned, knowing they had lost all power over me because I was free. Yes they disfellowshipped me. But I was already delivered by theLord.

  9. I’m a big fan of your Sophia prints, and your cartoons. Thanks!

    I’m pretty sure I’m already signed up for your newsletter …

  10. This picture has bought me to tears and awakened once again (it so needs it daily) my warrior woman soul. My voice is silent way to often. Let us raise each other up sisters! The time is now to say no more to sex trafficking, we must call out the men who do this. It’s our husbands, brothers, preachers, teachers, and yes missionaries, who are using women and children for their sick pleasure. Women help your sisters find their voices. Speak out. I hear stories all the time of children who were sexually abused in the home and the mothers remained silent. These women are dead to their own voices. No more, no more, no more.

    God bless you David for the Sophia pictures, thank you for honoring us and God.

  11. Already signed up for the newsletter. This print is probably my favorite, especially on those days when I’m feeling like I’m butting heads with a rhinoceros!

  12. I have coveted this one for a long while now. One of these days I’ll get motivated and have the perfect place to hang it. I don’t know why, but I am drawn to the early Sophias.

  13. … another one of my Sophia favorites …

    I love the way that her hair is blowing forward like a stubborn little “rhino horn” of her own and the way that her left hand pushes back like a tail. It’s almost as if she is combining the fierceness of the beast with her inherent fragile beauty, and the miracle is that it WORKS! πŸ™‚

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