the don’t follow the herd herd

the don't follow the herd herd cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Be careful when you leave the herd that you don’t simply find a new one that suits your opinions better. You haven’t really changed. You’ve only switched.

Tweaking is the favorite pastime of the spiritually discontent.

Switching is the hobby of ego enthusiasts.

Waiting patiently, alone, to find your own self and path… now that takes courage!

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14 Responses

  1. shary says:

    Still learning this while keeping friends in different herds.

  2. Tracy Geivett says:

    Shary, that’s the hard part isn’t it? Now you’re being questioned from multiple sides. I had a supposed good Christian friend tell me I wasn’t acting very Christian and that I was spiritually immature. I’m only now realizing she was the one with a shallow, immature spirituality. To have the strength to question has given my spirituality a depth she will never, ever have. Me and God? We’re good. The rest don’t matter.

  3. NotPaul says:

    OMG I soooo understand this.
    I love your insight. I would draw one more cartoon depicting a field of isolated people trying hard not to be in either of these groups.
    Having said this, I believe that we are deeply communal and this need must be met.

  4. Obscuritus says:

    I agree that this insight is very helpful in the process of finding community, which of course, is also a herd of a healthy kind I guess.

  5. Connie says:

    I had a dream last night that I wrote a paper in college about how to change students’ motivations that led to unwise decisions. In the end, a judge read the last line of my paper. In the paper I had advised that the campus “reinvent repentance”. I realized upon waking that that message has come true for those of us who have left the confines of the “church” to actually be the church. We have all, in our own way, reinvented repentance. The church tells us to mourn and make amends for our ‘sin”. We’ve now come to know that that isn’t necessary and never was. We’ve “repented” from that theory and have embraced what has already happened. We’ve “changed our mind” about all of that and have seen that the kingdom is already here…..everywhere, in everyone.

  6. Tell says:

    It should be so simple. Your cartoon shows only two herds of choice or chances when there is actually thousands or countless herds, or groups, that demand that they be ‘followed’ to their last letter. Even if they are clearly wrong, very controlling, cult-like, to down right being cruel and un-caring. They demand we be “in good standing” with them like with some church and somehow prove it to them. They are never to be questioned or challenged, merely followed. That is a socially expected and accepted given. In some places it is even illegal not to follow the herd or not to follow the politically correct that demands we be like them, and socially engineers us, into thinking or believing in a certain way, and never ever supposed to think or read anything to the contrary. We aren’t supposed to have our own “opinions.” If we do keep our own opinions and beliefs that is when all the labeling and ridicule begins so that the “herd” can pigeon-hole us for a wide variety of reasons. In fact we aren’t even allowed to have our own real life experiences either physically or spiritually according to many herds. Just like in the times of Christ just because the majority may have rule or power and can out-shout us or be the only ones heard doesn’t neccessarily mean they are right or good or capable of demanding we all live and think and believe as they all do. If not we are the so-called fringe thinkers, the evil ones, the weird ones, and the politically incorrect of our times and should be shunned and dismissed…. even destroyed.

    Locally I am told by many that to live here and to make for a better community we should all be “carbon copies of one another with no dissent.”
    (One political party rules my town and controls all media.) That means how our property looks, to our diet about meat eating, to our political and spiritual beliefs or to what we are supposed to think. That includes never challenging local corruption or asking why our children are being brain-washed by public schools. Like on one hand telling them to be individuals then on the other heavier hand demanding that they be “politically correct,” to “fit in,” and to never question some things in life.

    I stand alone and have for years. I don’t merely want to fit-in to be liked or accepted or loved. Or just to pacify some super ego. Few know how to truly love and accept today anyway. I’d like to find a local group like in the cartoon where – a band of us – together could say… NO! For we are the ones who refuse to follow the herd! Like Christ did. Pity all my friends and family are passed away that would accept me just the way I am and allowed me to think, grow, and believe for myself. Without expected limitations or thinking something is wrong with me if I don’t worship Hollywood, consumerism, celebrity-isms, bow to modern Israel, follow the prosperity gospel, for not being PC, or believe that illness, poverty, and negativity only happens to us who won’t assimilate and join the herd. Totally the opposite of what the Lord told and showed me, for sure.

  7. Steve Martin says:

    “Where two or three are gathered, there am I in their midst.” – Jesus

    Little crowd – big crowd. Doesn’t matter.

    As long as He is there in His pure gospel and the sacraments. If not, all you have is a big crowd, or a little crowd. But no saving Glue.

  8. lestess says:

    “Waiting patiently, alone, to find your own self and path… now that takes courage!”

    nakedpastor, you do have a gift… and it does not go unappreciated by me.

    Just when my courage was beginning to wane, I find this message waiting for me in my inbox.

    Thank you.

  9. nakedpastor says:

    i’m so glad to be of service lestess

  10. Crystal ( the original ) says:

    I’m with Tell and Lestless on this one: But I’m not joining a group anytime soon. Even if they happened to be in it! It’s been over two years since I left my church and stood alone, to wait. So far, I have had no desire or calling or whatever you care to name it, to go back. This is a good thing, as Martha Stewart used to say, and as I’ve always been a bit of a loner, it suits me to make my own decisions on spiritual matters.

    I haven’t commented lately, but enjoy receiving the cartoons on a daily basis and checking in on other people’s comments from time to time. Hope things are going well with you, David. It was a breath of fresh air to discover your blog at a time when I had serious life changes to make. Your blog helped me through it.

  11. nakedpastor says:

    thanks crystal. i’m glad.

  12. Jo Ann Basel says:

    Hi my brothers and sisters ?

    I wrote the following, in responce to a question asked today on Kaine Diatheke.

    Has their ever been a day on this earth when everyone was and/or will be on the same page in what we understand and believe about God?

    Thankfully we are living in a time, where with the Internet, we have information instantly accessible with the click of a mouse.

    Miraculously, we can meet each other, communicate and/or dialogue every hour of the day with our brothers and sisters around the world.

    And we are. How wonderful is that?

    Every individual from the youngest to the oldest is on their own journey.
    Every individuals journey different.
    Every individual does not think alike.
    Every individual expresses themselves differently.
    Everyone mature’s differently.
    Every individual learns differently.

    Too understand my next comments, you will need to click on the following to see and read what David Hayward shared this morming.


    Two herds. Within both herds, none are on the same page concerning all the things that each individual believes about God or the Bible.

    Two herds. Each herd saying, Follow me.

    Taking it a little further. Each individual within each group saying, Follow me.

    Each individual begins to attract Followers and then you have herds within the two herds and on it goes.

    Nothing new under the sun, been happening since human beings were created: )

    What is truly the understandings and beliefs of and about God and the Bible that unites us, all mankind and yet leave’s each with their own character, identity, individuality, personality, self-identity and uniqueness that God has created each one to have?

    Our Heavenly Parents and Elder Brother, the part in all what is going on with his children, just as it has always been.

    Parents and Elder Brother are just being and doing “The Love Chapter”

    Love and Hugs coming to one and all, today ?

    the don’t follow the herd herd | nakedpastor

    Be careful when you leave the herd that you don’t simply find a new one that sui…See More

  13. Dave says:

    A blast from my past that might shed some light on this:

    and yes, I am mad, but not angry.

  14. Mad =^..^= (AKA ccws) says:

    @Dave – that’s AWSUM…had to go looking for the whole article…FOUND IT!