4 Replies to “so crowded so lonely”

  1. Find a small group within the church or your local house church or find some Christians who you can relate your life questions with…your picture was a church right? We are among you. Waiting, looking, and many
    of us not judging.

  2. I’ve been there, wrote this

    In a place of a million people,
    I am standing on my own,
    wondering how I got here
    and how to get back home.

    Hope has become my greatest fear
    Love my greatest loss
    The minutes tick too slowly
    waiting for my final cross

  3. I like it too, Petra.

    I hate how we can be around so many people and have so many good things in our lives, but feel lonely for one particular type of companionship. I love my husband and our guy friends, but I miss having girl friends (my age, 30s) who I could hang out with…everyone else either has babies, is very interested in babies or has given me a lot of hurt in the past and doesn’t seem that interested in the present. Is anyone else in a similar boat? Or have been?

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