4 Replies to “in praise of pioneers”

  1. I remember the lonely, isolate feeling of leaving the church and loosing all supposed friends. There was no internet then, no chance for this sort of wonderful encouragement.

    But I have the sort of personality to quickly reach out and make new friends. Those who are less outgoing, or more deeply programmed, or who have had no other social circles for many years will find extraction very difficult. Creating your own spirituality may feel hopeless.

    The connection to more progressive Christians through website and a virtual community until f2f community is re-established can be a big boon. Well done David.

  2. I like these one minute jigs, they’re a blast. And I love this concept of trailblazing and praising pioneers. It’s a hopeful, future-focussed, face forward affirmation.

    I have been doing some indigenous peace studies, and I found this quote yesterday: “It is important to acknowledge…that a sense of belonging is an important source of personal fulfilment, well-being, enjoyment, purpose and meaning”.

    I feel encouraged that I can find belonging in being a solitary pioneer (for now).

  3. Hi David, I’ve discovered your blog pretty recently and I’ve bought your books- I’m a fan- I don’t know that I’m a pioneer exactly- but I’m a long-time pastor who has recently left the PCUSA to be UCC- it felt like a very big, somewhat lonely decision- but so far- while I have some moments, it’s felt liberating to be a pastor in a church whose theology I basically agree with- Thanks for your thoughtful cartoons and your online ministry.

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