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6 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    That’s hilarious David. Made my morning. Thanks.

  2. amazonfeet says:

    all I can think of today is what I saw in yesterday’s news, about the former paratrooper turned preacher at an Independent Fundamental Baptist church just outside Ft. Bragg, N.C., that told his congregation they should break their sons’ wrists if they catch them doing the “limp wrist”, or give him a good punch…and all the kids that have committed suicide because other kids have picked up on messages like this and bullied them till they couldn’t stand it anymore…we are the only bible some folks will ever read, and if they get this kind of message, well, who’d want to be with a group of people where you are grudgingly tolerated, if not outright hated, and all this in Jesus’ name…it also says that the churches will do just about anything to keep people obedient and unquestioning, so they will continue to give, and so the big donors will continue to give, so that the doors at Monster Megachurch can be kept open, and the lights on…David, this is one of your “less is more” toons here…a minimum of elements that says so much….notice the sad look as Question walks away from his detractors…I have seen so many Jane and Joe Self-righteous Christians in the Church over the years that it’s unbelievable…with me it was my weight and low status as a cleaner of toilets and vacuumer of toilets and being female….

  3. amazonfeet says:

    Sorry, I meant to say vacuumer of CARPETS (at the local Southern Baptist Megachurch – I did the pastor’s study and office first thing every morning for the better part of a decade)

  4. Doug Sloan says:

    There is no psychiatric, medical, or scientific basis for viewing homosexuality as pathological. In lay terms, there is no objective basis for viewing homosexuality as “sick” or “abnormal”. Consequently, this means that homosexuality as a sexual orientation is normal and healthy. Increasingly, research shows hetreosexuality and homosexuality to be distant points on a spectrum of sexual orientation.

    “Lawrence v. Texas” made the criminalization of homosexuality unconstitutional. There is no legal basis for homosexuality to be considered “wrong”. Ever since “Lawrence v. Texas”, there has been a decreasing and shrinking legal basis for discrimination against homosexuals. “Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell” is gone. The “Defense of Marriage Act” is on the judicial ropes. Because of “Lawrence v. Texas” and “Loving v. Virginia”, the constitutional acceptance of same-sex marriage is inevitable.

    There is no absolute and no singular and no universal interpretation of the Bible.

    There is no rational basis for opposing homosexuality. Without a rational basis, opposition to homosexuality is irrational and, therefore, is a prejudice. Being prejudiced is not being Christian.

  5. Jeannie says:

    This kinda made me smile. And then it kinda made me sad.

  6. shelly says:

    @Doug: Agreed! 😀