inflatable church

inflatable church

This really shouldn’t need an explanation.

But those of you who know how completely exhausting it is to keep a church’s vision and programs going will understand.

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8 Responses

  1. Lina says:

    I love the shading and the color!

  2. Michael says:

    You know this exists, right?

  3. Steve Martin says:

    I have been to churches that seemed more like ‘bouncehouses’.

    They were ‘free-will’, ‘decision theology’ churches where everything always reverted back to the worshipper in the pew…rather than the finished work of Christ.

    It was tiring just to talk to those folks. (they were constantly doing, doing, doing, doing, – no rest- no peace- no trust)

  4. Mar says:

    One of my favorites of yours ever …

  5. Luke says:

    I totally took that a different way from your intention David. I looked at that and thought, “How freak’n cool would that be for worship on a Sunday?!”

    The idea of play is lost in many churches. Paradox, mystery, and playfulness are grounds for dismissal in many churches. I read Christ being these things throughout most of the gospel yet I rarely hear them from the pulpit or find too many theologians or Christian authors going too far into these concepts.

    For me the pastor is saying “Try this out!” and the people are reluctant since they are content to mourn their faith and let it act as soma instead of waking them up to the divine possibility, cause them to celebrate and risk connecting with one another.

  6. nakedpastor says:

    ya, you’re right luke. you totally took that a different way from my intention. lol.

  7. This reminds me of a joke:

    There was an inflatable boy who went to an inflatable school, with inflatable teachers and inflatable desks. One day he ran riot with a drawing pin and the inflatable head teacher called him in to his inflatable office and said to him:

    “You’ve let the school down, you’ve let the teachers down and you’ve let me down”


    Reflecting on that joke makes me want to shout:

    “Will somebody please take that drawing pin away from Mark Driscoll!”