the NEW and improved armor of God

I’ve always loved the Ephesians 6 passage about spiritual warfare and the armor of God. When I was younger I had no idea that the greatest danger would be presented by friendlies. Now that I am older, more mature and hopefully wiser, I understand this now. There are powers that seek our defeat and any means will be used to accomplish this.

In the end, we are to stand. And having done all, to stand. But armor helps.

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15 Responses

  1. Theresa says:

    I received some of my worst experiences in church fellowships. It took a sweet breaking of my whole body, mind and spirit to heal and rebuild. Now I have learned that we are all (including leaders) human and have our motives and issues. I focus on what God has to say to me, and I don’t have much faith in what is being interpreted by leaders. I love church, being there in His presence amoung all of us sinners and look forward to it. It is sad that there are so many of us who have been hurt by churches, the place where we go to be vunerable.

  2. sam scoville says:

    That’s ME–in my armor: helmet to preserve my cerebral directional navigational algorithms (beliefs & biases). knife to cut to the quick, bullet proof vest to ward off other peoples’ points of viewing, improvised explosive devices to keep colleagues and neighbors on their toes, rifles, pistols and cowboy boots to maintain my homeland insecurity systems. Brilliant, David. You nail me almost every time. Me: man in the mirror: the enemy, of course when I know better, more mature and hopefully wiser.

  3. Matt Oxley says:

    I’m printing this to hand out at the next Bible study I go to.

  4. nakedpastor says:

    awesome. it’s downloadable for just .99¢ today only!

  5. Steve Martin says:

    The next Bible study that I go to, I will bring no-doze and a pillow.

    I actually went to an Evangelical Bible study (at a friends request). Boring.

    It was all about us, and what we should be doing, or feeling. Very little about what Christ has done for us. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Brigitte says:

    We have a conference at Concordia University College of Alberta next weekend with Ambassadors for Reconciliation providing keynote speaker.

  7. In Northern Ireland we have churches armed to the teeth with this weaponry whose pastors take salutes like four star generals.

    Is it any wonder we had Catholic/Protestant paramilitaries?

  8. Debra says:

    Well shown David!
    Picture the bride of Christ in combat boots.

  9. Doug Sloan says:

    What Jesus has done for us is demonstrate that we should living lives whereby we feed, quench, clothe, heal, visit and welcome. In doing so, we become the Kingdom of God and stop being citizens of the empire.

    For this simplistic little feel-good message, he was killed – because it works.

  10. Elderyl says:

    I just need the bullet proof vest. Nothing else would feel comfortable.

  11. John says:

    You forgot to include the Trident nuclear attack submarine named the USS (City) of Corpus Christi!

  12. Robert Flynn says:

    Nothing wounds like blows delivered by those who call themselves your brothers but treat you as a leper to maintain their purity.

  13. The Ephesians 6 passage points out that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the forces of evil. Our “enemy” is not those people who are deceived by Satan’s traps and behave wrongly, our enemy is the one who trapped them.
    Also remember there is no armor for the back. You can’t turn and run, and expect to be protected.

  14. sam scoville says:

    The enemy is within: call me the satan (accuser, adversary) if it helps deflect your own sense of evil. Myn in the mirror. Should be obvious. We accuse–no matter how pious it sounds. Adversarial: of course–our original and ongoing spin. Look at the threads. Wonderfully satanic. This is mere description. It becomes condemnatory when denied, covering up the naked truth & all the naked pastors revealing themselves.

  15. ..oh, and it can get pretty bad! ..and when you try to correct some (not ONLY “pastors”)in a proper and Biblical manner not only do they refuse but further revile in a subtle and deceitful manner. Even to the point of being called “anti-christ” and “sexual pervert” – no, I’m not making this up Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – if you don’t kiss the rings of those who seek to usurp Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church. Print that!